bad luck for passengers in the middle of the busy traffic in the Morning at Germany’s largest airport: Frankfurt airport the flight was operating Thursday morning for about three quarters of an hour set. It had been for safety reasons, no take-offs and landings possible, said a spokesman for the airport operator Fraport.

According to a spokesperson of the Federal police, it was early in the Morning several references to a drone in the South of the site. Since the aircraft was spotted, however, gave the Federal police, in consultation with the air traffic control operation at 8.15 PM. The background of the disorder are still unclear, as the speaker. State and Federal police worked on the enlightenment, were able to track the flight of the body. Among other things, a helicopter was in use.

drone at the airport of Frankfurt, about 1.50 meters in size

been According to the German air traffic control were, according to witnesses, a larger device with a diameter of about 1.50 meters. It had been spotted by several pilots in the South of the site. Perhaps it was a professional device, for the landowner’s permission had to be obtained from the state of Hesse.

The airport operator Fraport and Lufthansa reported to the disruption of flight operations. Some of the plane had to be diverted and landed, for example, in Munich, said a Lufthansa spokesman. A flight of Austrian Airlines from Vienna to returned because of the lock. Figures on affected flights and to pass it was to act first.

After this re-clearing Drones, the industry Association ADV requires a consistent pursuit of those responsible. Violations of the no-fly zones would have to be pursued with vigour, called ADV-chief Executive Ralph Beisel. “Airport operators are reliant on quick and effective defense measures by the police authorities in order to avoid the restrictions on flight operations.”

danger for the air traffic

drones conquer the sky: Therefore, the small airports are a security risk

By Jan Boris wintzen castle at the end of March there was a similar case in Frankfurt

in fact, have airports and authorities only a few defenses against unmanned flying objects. Military detection and jamming systems, as used in the UK, have not yet been installed at German airports. The drones defense is in the opinion of the authorities, a task of the police forces of the Federation and the länder.

interference due to drones are always an issue: by the end of March, the flight was operating at Frankfurt airport after the sighting of a drone for a half hour in the afternoon has been set. The aircraft, which had been also seen in the South of the airport. At the largest German airport, most had been cancelled on this day of 1439 flights until the evening, around 60, however, in connection with a computer glitch in the air traffic control centre. Because of the drone, further delays were added.

number of cases is increasing rapidly

The German air traffic control has registered 2018, a total of 158 disabilities in the regular air traffic with drones, about 80 percent more than in 2017. In the area of airports, 125 cases had been reported, said the state-owned company for air traffic control in Germany. Most of the faults were there at the airport Frankfurt/Main (31), followed by Berlin-Tegel (17), Munich (14) Hamburg (12). In 2017, there had been nationwide, 88 of the cases. The messages are based solely on sightings.

drones are strict rules in Germany

In Germany are banned drone flights over the landing area at airports – as well as crowds of people, hospitals, prisons, public authorities, Federal roads or railway facilities. Where it is allowed, must remain the devices during the flight, in principle, be in sight and must not fly higher than 100 meters. There are exceptions to the Model.


The dream of eternal fly this drone must never

land of The Phoenix drone is like an octopus through inhalation and exhalation. It should accept the same services, such as a satellite, but is much cheaper and doesn’t leave a scrap in the universe.

Gernot Kramper anb / DPA


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