on the Occasion of the Chinese new year many Chinese people use the train to visit family and friends or to take a vacation. In the case of these railway users is currently being debated under the Hashtag #ChineseNewYearTravel2019 increasingly about how with the noise of a child on trips to deal.

Already, nearly a billion viewers, has achieved the Hashtag on Weibo, in the meantime, thousands of debate about the pros and Cons of special Extra-wagons for loud children. Weibo is a social network that is widely used, especially in China; so to speak, the equivalent of Twitter and Facebook.

China discussed about “spoiled” children

Nearly three billion individual trips will be between the 21. January, the beginning of the new year, and the 1. March in China undertaken, including train, road and ship traffic, as news.cgtn.com reported. This includes the 413 million train journeys undertaken in this period and can last because of the sheer size of the country, sometimes several days are included. After all, China is almost 27 Times as big as Germany.


scary moment for parents: Baby falls on the Track before in a moving train

With so much traffic, it is in times of Social Media, of course, of course, that also online will be discussed, such travel stress-free.

As reported “BBC” on your news page, created specifically with the idea of “spoiled” children in their own areas of long-distance trains to accommodate for a discussion among more than 2000 users.

The comment “a whole car full of ‘bear children’ I don’t want to imagine again”, for example, received more than 4000 Likes on Weibo, such as bbc.com reported. “In front of me, to cry you start. One after the other …”, it says. Or: “Maybe it would solve the Problem, if the kids had someone to Play with.” To do this, you need to know: In Chinese children, which are perceived as loud or disobedient, as the “bear children”.

Similar debates in Germany

in Germany, Too, there are such debates again and again. However, so far, rather not to this extent. But Yes, if you are looking for on Twitter, you can find posts that go in the same direction. For example, under the Twitter Hashtag #children nervous – because it helps, obviously, not always, that in the case of the Deutsche Bahn long-families – and rest areas in the trains.

of Course, but the use of the corresponding compartments is voluntary. And the warranty to remain in a resting compartment of (children’s)noise, not the Deutsche Bahn. The question of children’s noise, in whatever Form, is simply to endure, because children are now starting to crash, or it – may sometimes also due to poor education – in the fullest is really a child-free Zone:? This is currently being discussed excited. In China. And maybe also soon reinforced.

sources: bbc.com / news.cgtn.com / bahn.de


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