A young Couple in Lüneburg, Germany, has announced on Saturday at the Baltic sea beach, blew up a village in the district of Ostholstein, the Yes-word. But the day was not quite as planned: What was missing in the Happy, were the wedding rings. These are just before the wedding Ceremony on the beach of the Baltic sea sunk in the Sand. Married the Couple, of course, nevertheless, is now on the search for the missing pieces of jewelry.

500 Euro reward

The two have started a call and ask local residents for help. 500 Euro reward to the honest Finder, the rings the Couple lost more of it back. So is it on a poster written, which has placed the Pair in the vicinity of the place where the rings disappeared in the Sand. These included the engraving “Sarah & Thorsten 18. May, 2019”.

the rings has Lost, by the way, apparently the mother of the bride. You are just making terrible accusations about the loss, reports of the “Lübecker Nachrichten”.

source: LN



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