In the Brandenburg Town of Forst (Lausitz) was a break-in at a daycare center, cash stolen, and the office of the Director devastated. According to police, a damage of several thousand euros. What a shock when Monday comes the police in the morning, one would think. However, in forestry this was something different, at least from the point of view of the children. The slump in the Evangelical integration kita “Talitha kumi” was discovered by the head, Mrs Wisniewski, when she came to work. She called the police and then what was going on!

one Hundred children between one year and school age are cared for in the nursery and for the larger of the visit of the police was a real adventure. “You were staring,” says Wisniewski. “That was exciting and you were curious.” Since the play area was not affected, were able to talk to the children with their educators about what was happening and came up with a great idea: they wanted to draw phantom images, which should support the police in the investigation.

Said and done

Then a letter was written: “dear police, yesterday, thieves broke into our Kindergarten. You’ve been broken and money stolen. We will send you pictures of the children, the thieves could have looked like this. Maybe this will help you in your investigation and you will find you and put you in prison.”

Then the wanted images went on Twitter to the Brandenburg police.

The police will respond also on Twitter

So much willingness to help in a manhunt for the police, of course, a great joy! On Twitter, a reply and a thank you on the same day.

The burglary is still an issue with the children, something they have witnessed, eventually (hopefully) for the first Time. It is reassuring to know that thieves can steal money, but nothing that is really important – like mom.


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