brown bears are shy animals. You meet people, looking for the furry four-legged friend is usually the Wide. On two backpackers who hiked last week by the Carpathian familiar, apparently. However, a Student from Berlin and his British girlfriend experienced in the Romanian forests is an adventure that you would rather have done without. As several British media reports, compared to state-of-the 26-Year-old suddenly a Braunbärin with their two young animals.

“noticed As I that the she-bear came at me, I had to think no more time about what I should do”, – quotes the “South West News Service,” the doctoral student, lives with his girlfriend in the UK. Therefore, it threw the mother Bear to the ground and his right leg bitten. The later diagnosis in the hospital: three-time break. That the attack went so smoothly, thanks to the Student, presumably his girlfriend. The recalled, according to a tip that saved him, possibly, life.

First-aid, with a Pair of socks

“it occurred to Me that you should take a bear in the eyes, to fend him off – that’s what I call him then,” said the 23-Year-old who ran a few metres behind her friend as the she-bear appeared. Just the fact your friend. The animal was then actually from him and disappeared with his two young boys and a piece of meat from the calf of the victim in the woods. The attendant put out a distress call. According to the Reports, the man was flown after initial treatment, with a Pair of socks with a rescue helicopter to a clinic in Tirgu Mures. In the meantime, he should be in a hospital in Munich, Germany housed.

Before the Couple left on the five-day Trekking Tour, you have a Native in the locality Breaza advised not to take the planned way. As the wife of the British “Daily Mail” said, I want to wrap up your friend no Spray to ward off bears. Therefore, he was more afraid that the can will explode in your backpack than a wild animal attacked. A fatal mistake – as on the second day of the Tour due to the partly still snow-covered hills of the Carpathians turned out.

Romania has the largest bear population in Europe outside Russia. Up to 7000 animals in the forests of the Carpathian mountains in your area. Further, nearly 100 Carpathian bears in the bear reserve in Zărnești, the largest protection center for brown bears in Europe, lived in the spring of 2017.


sources: “Daily Mail”, “German wave”; “Mirror”



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