Boeing-machines are missing safety systems – the cost-extra-money


the aircraft manufacturer offers The two downed Boeing-machines should have lacked two safety functions in the control software MCAC, the only against a surcharge. The “New York Times” reported. The two security functions should not be required by the Federal aviation authority, as the newspaper writes. With the announced Software Update by Boeing one of the Extra should be systems included as Standard.

Still is not cleared up completely, what caused the two crashes of the Beings of the type 737 MAX 8 in Ethiopia, and Indonesia, with a total of 346 deaths. Apparently, however, the control software used plays a crucial role. In both cases, the misfortunes are to be expired in a similar way. Thus, there is evidence that the pilots pressed in vain against the automatic MCAS fought, the nose of the aircraft slightly down.

safety features may have

helped the cause for the malfunction may be incorrect data provided by the Sensors on the aircraft. The data should show whether the pitch angle of the aircraft relative to the air flow correctly. If not, the Software performs automatic corrections – in the case of the crashed machine which allegedly led to the disaster. The “New York Times” writes that the optional security can help to part. This would have failed, therefore, the Alarm and the pilots might early aware of the fact that you need to turn off the insidious Software.


A passenger in the Crash-machine rescued a day earlier – because he was able to turn off the insidious Software

Boeing’s device, meanwhile, is becoming stronger under pressure. In the studies, whether at the time of admission of the ill-plane 737 Max 8 all things are approached, is said to have now turned on the Federal police FBI. In addition, it is determined against the Deputy US defence Secretary, Patrick Shanahan, who was previously a Manager at Boeing. In addition, there are claims for damages of at least two Airlines.

The FBI was according to media the already ongoing investigation of the Ministry of transport reports, with their considerable resources, support, wrote the “Seattle Times”, citing insiders. The determination was carried out by the Ministry of transport, but of the criminal Department of the Ministry of justice monitors.

source: New York Times, REUTERS



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