Who wants to watch the latest plane model of the Tui group, you can do that in Brussels alone. Since mid-March, four Boeing 737 Max, year of 2018 are there, on the tarmac. The blue tail with the red lettering are precisely aligned, the engines with the dome closed. It looks similar in Manchester, where five Jets. And in Amsterdam (2 Jets), Stockholm (2), Sofia (1) and Tenerife (1). “The machines from Sofia and Tenerife is no longer managed at the time,” says Aage Dünhaupt, spokesman of Tui Aviation, who operates the machine for the travel group Tui. To quickly air travel authorities had forbidden worldwide flights with the 737 Max.


Cynical and without remorse

Now, the Boeing-Boss expresses to the crash and makes it worse

By Till Bartels

trigger were two very similar incidents of two years ago delivered Boeing-model. First crashed on the 29. October 2018 Lion-Air – flight 610 shortly after the Start, in the Indonesian capital Jakarta almost vertically into the Java sea. 189 people lost their lives. Then fell on 10. In March of 2019 after the launch in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 from the sky. 157 Dead.

it Quickly became clear: Apparently, the Computer of the flight control, at least, had a part to blame for the accidents. The authorities ordered an altitude of zero to. Meanwhile, 500 Boeing around are almost 737 Max, anywhere in the world on airports, and the production continues to run. Day and night, and testing Boeing’s new Version of defective Software being developed.

300 million euros in additional costs for Tui

If the is finished, you need to allow aviation authorities worldwide. A timetable for this, there is not, because it is a lot of confidence in the air travel group is lost. “The last thing I want is to make an appointment call to cancel the flight ban,” said Dan Elwell, Director of the US-aviation authority FAA, after a Meeting with emissaries of Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg. That doesn’t sound optimistic. The Indonesian air traffic control authority has already announced that it wants to be among the Last to leave the Jet back in the air. May be far in the year 2020. And also in Europe, Boeing many questions.

All of this is bad news for Tui: a Total of 23 of the supposedly ultra-modern aircraft of the journey multi had ordered for its various European subsidiaries. You should be quieter, more powerful and more economical, had Boeing promised.


tape-recording revealed the pilots called in a crisis, a flight to meet ban for the 737 MAX

By Till Bartels

at Least the last point is only a bit, because even on the ground, the aircraft for the consolidated tax: For Parking on the apron of the airport of Brussels, for example, around 60 Euro per hour. Tui puts the financial burden on to August, a total of around 300 million euros. Other Airlines have already made the high three-digit million amounts as costs. “The Leasing capacity for the replacement of machinery are very scarce and prices correspondingly high,” says Tui-man Dünhaupt. His company had prepared for outages until the end of July, then you have to see.

For a holiday, the 737-problems are not good news, especially on holiday flights specialized Airlines have bought the plane. In addition to Tui-machines also, which of the Lufthansa subsidiary, Sun Express, Ryanair, Norwegian or Turkish Airlines on ground at the moment.

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