It is bloody, brutal, and intensely controversial: Every year, hundreds of thousands to Stierhatz come to the Spanish Pamplona. The Event is part of the nine-day festival of San Fermín and each year attracts visitors from home and abroad. Especially young men, drunk with Sangria a lot of courage to search in the streets of Pamplona, the thrill.

Regularly be injured, a number of participants from the horns and hooves of the 500-kilogram animals killed at the end of the controversial spectacle of bull-fight. Since 1911, the 15 people were killed.

last Stierhatz of the season 2019: especially brutal

The last bull run of the San Fermín Festival in Pamplona, is most brutal to the end: a Total of three people were arrested in the eighth Hatz on Sunday the horns, and, as the authorities in the Northern Spanish Region of Navarra said. Both the 27 and the 30-year-old Australian and a 25-year-old Spaniard were cops, therefore, all victims of the greatest and most difficult Battle.

In the fishing town of Llanes

insider tip Asturias: Between the raging Surf and the high mountains

During the eight-day Festival of eight runners were given a total of the horns of the released bulls to feel, including a US citizen who wanted to take a Selfie. 35 injured taken to hospital, hundreds more were treated by the Red cross.

The Festival in honor of San Fermín, attracts every year hundred thousands of tourists from all over the world. The most famous running of the bulls is this: every Morning, fighting bulls are herded through the historic old town of Pamplona to the Arena, where they are later killed by bullfighters. Again and again participants in the Stierhatz be hurt – however, there was for ten years, no more death. In the past year, a total of 42 runners had to be treated in hospital, including two that were taken on the horns.

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located In the fishing town of Llanes in Northern Spain: Between the raging Surf and the high mountains tib and agencies topics in this article, Pamplona Stierhatz folk festival ball man red men

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