The island of Mykonos on the Aegean sea is one of the most popular travel locations in Greece. Both the old port and the Venetian-style promenade each year attract many visitors from all over the world into the so-called “little Venice” of Greece.

Spendabelster Renter in the world

beach Party for 88.362 Euro – Usain Bolt makes it to Mykonos crash

Also, a guest from New York visited in may, along with Acquaintances, the beach area of the island, and went to one of the numerous beach restaurants to eat. After they had eaten their Calamari with salad, beer, water and juice and the bill asked, “was almost the blow,” as he reported under the name of “Cisco rock” on the TripAdvisor Portal: a whopping 836 euros, the candy should cost.

Six servings of Calamari were calculated with 591 Euro, a beer with 25, salad 19,80 and a tomato juice with 9 Euro. “The employees are dishonest and refused to show us a menu or prices.”, he wrote under the photo to see what the Original Bon is.

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If you are in Mykonos, don’t go to eat at DK Oyster. They will charge you €25 for a beer, €20 for a salad, €98.5 m for squids. I call that I rip off. #dkoystermykonos #dkoyster #dkoyster #overpriced #free advertising #warming #touristtrap #mikonos #consideryourselfwarned.

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In the British “Independent” said then the individual Restaurant-owner, and contradicted the accusations of the rip-off energetic: “We appreciate our customers very much and have calculated our costs very carefully, to be able to have a product which is value for money.” Those who could not afford to, or wool, should rely on cheaper offers. On the accusation of the lack of dining cards, along with the price information has not been received in the Interview, however.

More Greece-visitors agreed with criticism

Ultimately, you have to be in New York anyway, grateful that he shares his experiences with the rest of the world on TripAdvisor, and Instagram. With his opinion that such a sum was plated for the consumed meal completely because he is not alone. In addition to some positive (“Excellent”) and neutral reviews many warnings à la “Beware”, i.e., “caution”, and even clearer, such as “DO NOT GO HERE in TripAdvisor, especially under the latest comments!!”.

sources: Tripadvisor / Instagram-Account “rtuenbshdbnd” / “Independent”



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