This wedding photo is a little unusual as most of the others. To see the Australian Jodi Rose is with her groom on her wedding day. The groom, however, is not made of flesh and blood, but from stone. This is the Pont du Diable, a double-arched stone bridge from the 11th century. Century, the in the South of France.

Rose met her husband for the first time jobbedingt. She is a musician and by her “Singing Bridges”project bridges around the world sing. More and takes up the vibrations of the bridges, in order to make the special sound for all the world to hear. The vibrations of the devil’s bridge it Rose particularly impressed, so much so that she married the bridge. “The story of our Romance is a modern love story – I have travelled more than ten years around the world have made music with the sound of bridges, and as he felt my vibrations came closer, he pulled me to him,” describes the Rose in your Blog is the attraction of her husband.

Rose felt no sexual desire for the devil’s bridge

The wedding took place in a circle of 20 guests. Help in the organization got a Rose from some friends in Barcelona, but also by the residents and artists in the surrounding cities. From her spouse she says: “The devil’s bridge is everything I want in a husband – sturdy, trustworthy, sensual, kind and handsome.”


Carol loves a train station, and married him

By Susanne Baller

a Rose is not, however, objektophil. Objektophilie refers to a sexual orientation in which people of non-living objects sexually attracted to. You fall in love with an object and want to pursue a relationship with this, flirt with him and seduce it. Objektophile but can also, as in a human relationship, your Partner cheating or flirting with another object to pursue.

The relationship is based on a spiritual connection between the two

The Basis of the relationship of Rose and the devil’s bridge was not built, therefore, to sexual passion, but a spiritual connection between the two, she writes in her Blog. The marriage was therefore of a symbolic nature. “Although he is made of stone, the resonance of his being is very present, and I feel myself in his strong embrace in peace. He makes me the connection with the earth and sense, and draws me from my endless nomadic wanderings to rest.”

she is proud of her marriage, which was closed five years ago, even if this is not recognised in France, officially. Her wedding ring she wears every day. And also for your husband a wedding ring has been made. A customized, larger Version sits at a place of the old bridge. In her marriage, Rose can also enjoy many free rooms. Because every day, the Berliner by choice is not able to see her husband. “He understands that I have other bridges – and men – love. Our love embraces the vagaries of life that manifest themselves in the swirling currents of the river that flows beneath his magnificent body.” In the Australian TV program “Sunday Night” has Rose given the price of new Details about their wedding. She tells of her Princess wedding and that she felt beautiful.

source : Blog from Jodi Rose, Daily Mail, the Sunday Night



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