The Sputnik shock was sitting deep: With the launch of the first artificial satellite into earth orbit on 4. October 1957 had beaten in the race to the conquest of space, the Soviet Union and the West. One of the consequences in the United States was the founding of Nasa.

“We have decided to fly in this decade to the moon and to do other things – not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because that goal will serve to organize the Best of our energies and skills, and to measure, because the challenge is one that we want to ask ourselves…,” said President John F. Kennedy in September 1962, in his famous speech in the Football Stadium of Rice University in Houston, Texas.

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The answer to Kim Jong-Un To visit in the South Korean space center

By Till Bartels

His words were in front of 40,000 spectators advertising for the Apollo program, whose goal is the manned moon landing was. As the preparation were collected in the framework of the Gemini program’s first experience with space walks, the Navigation in space, and Rendezvous maneuvers.

The recordings from the space probes and telescopes, the US space Agency, have shaped our view of the universe like nothing else. Whether it ends now, the images of the start of Saturn V rocket, the first footprint of a man on the moon, or the view of the blue planet. But in addition to these photographic icons, Nasa held thousands of pictures of their space missions so far under wraps.

60 years of Nasa

However, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the world has open space authority in your archive. The previously unpublished photos show Details of the moon landings, views of the Space Shuttles and the construction of the International space station ISS.

More than 500 of these historic recordings are now in the large format picture book, “Nasa – The Archives. From Project Mercery to the Mars Rovers. To see 60 Years in Space”, developed in cooperation with Nasa, and published by TASCHEN appeared.

This is an exceptional, several kilos of heavy volume, in which especially members of the Generation of the baby leaves Boomer for hours, reading, and in the great time of the conquest of space in their Childhood back can put.

As Bill said, but in contrast, the Apollo 8 Astronaut: “We flew in, in order to discover the moon. But what we have discovered really is the earth.“

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