On Sunday, it is in the Near – and long-distance transport of the Deutsche Bahn restrictions and delays. So far, So predictable. In Frankfurt am Main, Germany, a bomb had to be defused, which is why the train had already in advance for possible delays made aware of.

“Sometime this egregious announcement came”

Also Julietta Fix was affected on this day of the bomb, as it was with the ICE from Würzburg to Fulda to Frankfurt am Main on the way. No longer was the announcement of the Guard from the head, and you wanted to set the path thereof. “We were already made in the run-up to delays closely, and at some point this outrageous announcement came,” she says in an interview with the star.

Questionable word choice: bombs on “innocent population”

the text of the announcement of the Engineer posted a Fix on the Facebook-page of the web. Accordingly, the driver of the train, as the ICE had stopped on the track said: “dear passengers. Our train has dropped because of the defusing of a bomb, the Western allies on the innocent population of Frankfurt, for the time being 45 minutes late.”

“That was exactly the wording, I got him to notice me,” says Mrs Fix the star. She was then speechless. “I was sitting in a large room – and no one has stirred. Each is moored in front of himself, and I was excited on the inside more and more.” As a conductor came by to your place, I Fix asked who had made the announcement and if you could talk to this man. “I just wanted to know, what is it for a guy,” said Fix. However, it had been also said in the case of repeated demand that the engineer was busy and not to talk about it. “As children, young people sat – the” so Fix it.

Fix asked in your Posting on Facebook, whether it is in the sense of the Deutsche Bahn employees to spread political Statements.

Fullscreen ©Screenshot of the Facebook

The railway responded to the Posting and replies that cultural diversity, openness, tolerance and respect are fundamental values of the German railway, and you apologised for it.

train: “We will speak with the staff on Board the train”

At the request of the star, a railway spokesperson to the incident said that they could not research “in the shortness of the time, unfortunately,” if this announcement had in fact done so. “It is clear, however, that it would correspond to neither our guidelines nor the opinion of the company Deutsche Bahn represent”, – is spoken in the corresponding Statement. The railway will pursue the case, and with the staff on Board the train speak, and then work legal action check. “Should be the announcement actually, we ask our travellers to excuse me.”

“The Deutsche Bahn can’t let it go”

An apology, which would be appropriate according to the Fix, also quite. “The choice of words, ‘Western allies’ and “‘innocent people’: I think this can make the Deutsche Bahn does not go through,” said Fix, in an interview with the star. “The Nazis, in my view, say something. Now times clearly expressed.”



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