Poldi is barely larger than a coke can and weighs just 150 grams. Ingo brings more than 180 Times as much on the scale and could consume him with a Happs waste. Nevertheless, the two buddies are. Externally, such as size or weight you are, no matter. Also, the fact that Poldi, a little owl and Ingo, an adult Malinois, does not interfere. At their first meeting it has sparked.

“Ingo came as a puppy to me,” says wildlife photographer and hobby falknerin Tanja Brandt from Grevenbroich. “I had always had a Malinois, I love this breed just. Ingo was said at the beginning, honestly, not a great dog. He didn’t want to be petted, has sought no contact to other dogs and to humans. Strangers have always been buzzing the first time. He was a real loner.”


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Rather be the cool guy

But that changed, as Brandt picks up about four years ago, their first owl: The brown-gray little owl Poldi is only a few weeks old when he comes to the photographer. As Ingo also the small owl with piercing yellow eyes shows up suspicious of Strangers. In order to win the Affection of a bird, holds Tanja him in the beginning much in the house. There Poldi sitting on the Desk, one day when Ingo walked in the door. “I just thought, oh, this is it. Owls have been scared to death of dogs. Quite right.” But the feared Drama remains. Rather than rushing to the spring cattle, the shepherd is interested in the new roommate. Tanja does not feel instinctively that you need your dog to call back. “Ingo came in and sniffed. The guy stayed pretty calm and looked at Ingo just evil. Ingo, however, was irritated totally. He didn’t know what he had there. I did nothing. I didn’t want to yell and him and send. None of them should be hectic. So I have vowed to Ingo just quietly.” Be wary of the curious dog approaches the dog, caught the scent of him. “Poldi had all unimpressed endure. He is more of the cool type. Clearly, he has made it a bit big and the dog in the nose tweaked, but not bad. Ingo was really impressed.”

From then on, the ice is broken. Whenever Tanja visited now Poldi in the aviary, is of the shepherd at your side. “He wanted to be here if I fed Poldi or with the Small went for a walk. He was totally funny and has quite quickly realized that he stood in the center, when he was together with the guy.”

The little owl touches something in Ingo. From the reserved loner, a real Eulenfan over night. He is wearing a Poldi on the head, sleeps with him in the basket, looking for protection, once it with something of a shock. The little owl like that his dude is big and strong. “Poldi has realized that he is in Ingo for sure. And Ingo is very, very proud to be his protector. You notice that in him.” Whenever Ingo in the vicinity of his feathered friend, is male, from the wild Malinois is a more relaxed, serene. “Poldi was exactly what has been missing in Ingo,” says Tanja. “Many dogs are happy when they can be with other dogs. Ingo is not. He hates other dogs. He does not attack you, but you realize that he finds you stupid. He is seeking never to contact you or to people. But he tries everything to be with owl friends.”

In the past years, Poldi was not the only spring animal in Tanya’s household. In the meantime, the hobby falknerin has a desert Buzzard, also seven owls. The six-year-old Ingo is friends with all of them. “He has with each owl a different special relationship.” Even the heart of a snow-owl Uschi was able to conquer Ingo. “Snowy owls are not as wise as all the owls too. It is a misconception that the birds are wise. These snowy owls are also quite aggressive,” explains Tanja. “In the wild, they even attack a polar bear. If Uschi wanted to, could hurt you, Ingo, seriously.” But the charm of the Belgian sheep-dog could not even stand Uschi again. “At some point, Jenny sat with me in the living room and has sparkles Ingo evil face. While I was sitting at my Desk, I saw Ingo gets up and runs to her. I was firmly convinced that Uschi is transferred to the attack. And in fact, they hissed angry. But then began to Ingo, and always you to walk around. Always in a circle. Again and again.

animal friendships are not unusual

Eventually I heard Uschi, almost resigned, ausatmete.” Tanja remembers how your dog remained after numerous rounds abruptly in front of the snowy owl are to lift and then slowly his leg. To mark about his area, but to give to a dog typical of the way the bird the opportunity to sniff him. “I just thought, oh, no, owls sniff but puller men. Uschi was completely perplexed, and looked shocked. She looked as you would think: which is stupid. This must be one of us. Since that Moment, it works wonderfully with the two of them.”

Now, therefore, each of the owls is allowed to sit on Ingo’s head or sleep in a bed. With the owl-lady’s Klaus-Bärbel and Ingo looks like formula 1 on TV. “Go then at each curve in the wrong location. This is really cute.” The closest relationship has Ingo but still to Poldi. “The owl prefers Ingo to me. Now Poldi has a partner and a small family, but always when he sees Ingo, it is as if two old friends meet. A real men friendship.”

wolf hybrid

The wolf dog is in the air. Can survival of this Predator in our latitudes?

The American ethologist Marc Bekoff from the University of Colorado has explored the emotional lives of animals, and I know that friendships in the animal Kingdom, between different species, and again and again. “Dogs and other animals have a deep and long-lasting friendships. Because you are no different than people,” said the scientist. As a behavioral researcher was a doctoral student, he took a small Fox for the purposes of study in itself. It wasn’t long until the and Bekoffs dog made a new friend. “As the two met for the first Time, went to each other, not sprunjed, more was needed.” The animals were inseparable, Bekoff spionly a elte secondary role. In the case of Ingo and Poldi both species speak a different language, is, according to Bekoff is no obstacle for a close bond. After all, people with dogs friendships, to bark without even. “Animals use signals to understand both individuals. Many of the characters are similar, for example, when it comes to signal to the other that it wants to be left alone.”

Affection and love

Ingo, however, has also learned to understand the signs of his owl friends. He knows exactly when Poldi, for example, needs consolation. “Once more the owl of the desert hawk in the aviary was hurt besides him. Poldi was himself to blame, he provoked his roommate again and again. The injury to the foot was minimal, hardly to be seen. But Poldi did very dramatically, as if he was Dying. So I brought him into the house, and a ceiling set. Ingo put to him.” The memory of this day Tanja has to smile. Because it is moments like these that show you that the Affection and love between their charges is real and intimately. “I think that was the task that was missing Ingo. He has found his place in the owls.”

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