In Majorca there is these days, temperatures around 30 degrees and plenty of sunshine. Gorgeous beach – and beach weather. But on the island, not many people are coming out currently from the Shaking. The Hoteliers, tour operators, restaurant owners and even the heads of tourism authorities, scared again and again, if you pay on the reservation for the current summer season look. The tourists stay away suddenly. “We had expected for this season, although a fall, but never the slump we are experiencing currently,” he said this week, a spokesman for the Hoteliers in the Spanish island of the newspaper “Última Hora”.

especially the Germans currently make a big bow to your actually favourite holiday island. Even on the “ball man”, the party mile at the Platja de Palma to the East of the island capital, where you can often hear German, is the feel. The so-called binge alcoholism care at the weekends and on holidays continue to full houses, said a spokesman for the Hoteliers in the Platja. But other, “calmer” tourists who stay longer and spend more money on the island spend, going, in the meantime, obviously, somewhere else. “In June, the capacity utilization is only at 50 to 60 percent,” says the spokesman. The are up to 15 percentage points less than in the previous year.

Less British and Germans in Magaluf

But not only on the “ball man”, also in other places on the Island, you will not miss the German citizens. So, for example, in Magaluf to the West of Palma. The “British-high-castle” reports a decline of around six per cent for their most important customers. “In the case of the Germans, the loss is even greater, around 12 to 13 percent”, explained the head of the hotel Association of the Region of Calvià, Mauricio Carballeda. For July and August, with fears of a still greater decline.

Brutal Assault

bouncers on the ball man almost beaten to death – Mallorca in fear of German Nazis


But why do the tourists stay away after a series of record years, all of a sudden? Blame the Brexit, and also, and especially, the rise of the tourism regions in the Eastern Mediterranean sea, in Turkey. In many a Majorcan Hotel, the expenditure is to be in this high season over the revenue. The situation is so critical that you look even on the weather forecast in Germany.

A repetition of the “super summer” in 2018 in Central and Northern Europe could be, for many, this time fatal. Heat months as in the previous year would have a very negative effect, has recently been given to the Deputy head of the hoteliers Association FEHM, María José Aguiló,.

the quality, it falls short in Majorca

Even discounts of up to 40 per cent could not reverse the trend so far. Competing destinations such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia have better offers. Of a “price war” is on Majorca. The CEO of the Thomas Cook group, Peter Fankhauser, flew at the beginning of the month on the island, the Hoteliers call for discounts to even greater price. The competition in the Eastern Mediterranean offer to the part of “quality” for less money. Carabellada but warns of “panic measures”. “That would be for many (Mallorca) suicide,” he warns. We should win the tourists about the quality of the offer back.

Retro photos of Josep Planas: Mallorca before the tourist Boom So you have to. the island never Fullscreen

seen At the Platja de Palma in 1958: The Hotel San Francisco was in 1953 one of the first Hotels on the famous promenade The photo is taken from the book “Mallorca clássica” by Josep Panas i Montanyà, which appeared in the Heel of publishing.

©Josep Planas i Montanyà

the quality problem but often. The Problem is, meanwhile, is just that the rooms are smaller and often less comfortable than, for example, in All-Inclusive Resorts in Antalya, Turkey. The of the left of the island’s government three years ago, set in motion to combat the excesses of the masses and Bender is so far half way there. The 2016 introduced tourist tax “Ökotaxe” call now to take their toll, said Fankhauser, Carballeda and the FEHM recently in unison.

those less wealthy tourists, where this levy is a thorn in the eye, disturb the fact that in the Wake of the increasingly stringent rules of etiquette in Palma and the surrounding area of the fun is becoming less and less, as many experts and observers. Since 1. April must be in a special “area of special tourist interest” around the infamous “ham street” all the beer gardens fenced. Drinks may not be on the sidewalk or on the road taken. In addition, a ban of alcohol in shop Windows and special is offered, such as the “Happy Hour” with strong Drinks at dumping prices. In the case of infringement, the high penalties.

“, Palma has become in recent years, the uncertain”

But on the other hand, the “clean up” at the Platja goes to the affluent visitors, yet far enough. The left-wing government relies on “higher-quality” tourism, promoted the construction of luxury hostels. But the operators of these houses reports by guests, the drunken and violent tourists, as well as illegal street hawkers and car Park Manager to complain.

Up to 3000 euros punishment

New rules of etiquette for Majorca-holiday: only “Excess light” on the ball man

you are asking from the town hall in Palma, and of the security authorities a harder Intervention. Especially as the last reports of “African mafia” and “women’s bands”, more and more, the night will also have on the ball man dozens of tourists being robbed. “Palma has become in recent years, unsafe and dirty,” complains the conservative island politicians Mateo Isern.

Francisco Marín had demanded for a long time an end to the “Chaos” at the Platja. The police go to the beach area much too lax against the troublemakers, he complained again and again. Last year, the hotel owners, but threw in the towel and gave up his Post as head of the hotelier Association of Platja unnerved. Much is at stake: The tourism has helped more than 45 percent to the gross domestic product of the Balearic Islands. In the past ten years, the number of tourism businesses in the Region climbed, according to official Figures by eight per cent to more than 18,000. Many now fear that Majorca is growing, literally, to death.

Emilio Rappold/DPA


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