Technical problems have forced a Lufthansa plane on the way from Frankfurt to the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo to repentance. The Crew of flight LH506 have decided due to technical irregularities, to return, and as a precautionary measure, a so-called air emergency declared, said a Lufthansa spokeswoman of the German press Agency on Tuesday. The machine had landed in the Morning at 0.15 a.m. in Frankfurt.

you will now be examined technically. The 284 passengers should be accommodated in Hotels. The information on the website of Lufthansa, the plane, a Boeing 747-8i. On Tuesday morning, the trip should be started in the Brazilian metropolis again, the spokeswoman said. Further Details on the reason for the return were not available initially. If an “emergency” is declared, allowed planes to land preferred.

vintage Lufthansa

“aunt Ju” is home to the airport – however, split on the semi-trailer

By Till Bartels Two Boeing aircraft from Eurowings reverse

had to on Friday, two machines of the airlines were reversed, a subsidiary of Eurowings flights to Spain, due to technical reasons. A danger to the passengers and Crews have given it in two cases, at any time. In the case of two aircraft was Boeing 737-800.

The first machine was in Cologne/Bonn started and was supposed to fly with 152 passengers to Palma de Mallorca. At the height of Saarbrücken, the plane was turned around due to a warning indicator for the gear housing, and Cologne is returned. The second Eurowings aircraft was launched in Hamburg, Germany, to fly to Barcelona. The machine with 174 passengers on Board turned around in Offenburg and ended up in Hanover. This machine is a defective instrument Display, which had to be replaced was the reason for the alternate landing. Between the two cases, there was no link according to the speaker.


Heike Birlenbach

Lufthansa-Manager: “The delays and waiting times were sometimes unbearable,”

the new Premium Economy Class is well Worth it and will repeat the Chaos of the summer at German airports? We spoke with Heike Birlenbach, who is for the worldwide distribution of the Lufthansa responsible.

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