Bitter end of a cruise before the court: As for Pain and suffering and damages that the passenger could get 6000 euros – provided that the process involved in the on Wednesday in front of the regional court of Munich I negotiated comparison in the coming weeks to revoke.


Gianni Onorato, MSC Cruises

MSC-cruise-in-chief: “Only two percent of all travelers is a cross make a journey – because potential,”

The woman was crazy a year ago on a Mediterranean cruise with “MSC Sinfonia” in the port of Split, one of the heavy outside doors with such force on the Finger, she squeezed the two peaks on the right Hand irretrievably. (AZ 22 O 318/19)

“I looked in my raw meat and I just screamed: “My fingers are”” said the woman from Saxony, from the Moment of the accident. “I rausgepult the ends of my fingers from this trap and I’m the ship’s doctor ran.”

Which pattern belongs to which ship?

the ship of this red carpet?

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the lawyer of the opposite side called the incident tragic. “Another question is, whether a coincidence can be attributed to the end of the door due to a gust of wind at all had someone.” The applicant did, however, assert that the securing mechanism of the door had been broken and it is only after their accident repairs.

In the center of the conciliation hearing was initially the legal issue that the wife had sued the German subsidiary, as the trip organiser of the event occurring parent company from Switzerland. Nevertheless, their lawyer agreed with the court’s proposed comparison, but left the question of the possibility of revocation. It should actually come to a main hearing, would then also interviewed witnesses to the condition of the door.

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