In a Twitter Thread Userin “Köse reports” of a supposedly normal day: she sits with her husband and son in the Restaurant. At the next table, a family sitting, you, too, have a son. Köse smiles at the boy, because the look in your direction. The stranger stands up, comes to your table and introduces himself: “I am X and five years old.” The Boy, whose Name is “Köse “on Twitter not be published, she asks whether he is likely to play with your son. “Kose” has nothing against it and the two guys make out, play football. But the family at the next table reacts weird. The mother observed, “Köse” with an open mouth. Has made “Köse” is something wrong?

He was looking for his integration aide itself

the mother of The strange boy comes up to “Kose”, and apologizes to her. She says it’s unusual that your son speak with adults. “Köse” it is not surprising the. She is an educator and has a special rapport with children: “Sometimes I feel think I am a governess.” The mother replies: “My son is autistic. The step he now did, means a lot!”

The day the Restaurant is now five years. Since then, Köse, is the integration of nurse of the young. She accompanied him through his whole kindergarten time. Now he celebrates his farewell from the primary school. Who is not missing, is clear: “Köse”.

“That doesn’t sound like work, but calling”

are The commentators to the Thread’s opinion: The story is incredibly touching. A user commented that “Köse” would be called to be a teacher. Another user struggled with tears: “Can someone please take the Ninjas, cut the bulbs out?” All agree that the history you get goosebumps.

source : Twitter Thread @DieKoese



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