the whole of The European air transport industry is currently struggling with massive problems. An Airline creates, however, is particularly negative: Euro wings to attract attention. Since the beginning of March are piling up at the Lufthansa subsidiary, cancellations, and extreme delays. And although after the catastrophic summer of 2018 improvements were promised. But instead of getting to grips with the problems, eurowings, apparently, to scare the customers. Otherwise the experience that I had to make at the end of March, unfortunately, to explain.

on a Saturday At noon it’s supposed to go for me from Cologne to Hamburg. Just under an hour, the flight plan will take. That’s not going to, I at 8 o’clock in the morning, four hours before the departure. “Your flight has been cancelled”, – stated simply in a text message. Why? Why? I don’t know about. As I read the message, I stand at the Aachen Central station waiting for my train to Cologne, in order to fly to Hamburg. Now what? Rebook, for me, is the only Option.

By Eurowings-App, I’m trying to find an alternative flight. In fact, a different machine from eurowings to Hamburg flying shortly after 14 o’clock. But my transfer attempts fail. “Unfortunately, the desired action cannot be performed with the current posting,” it is only in the App. Why not, tell me. Places are still available. To purchase you will be offered at this time.

Unsuspecting staff at the Service Hotline

to Me, nothing else remains, then, as the paid Service-Hotline of the Euro wings a call. To eternal queues, I hear, finally, a slurry of employees voice on the other end of the line. My flight had already been rebooked, share it with me. “You have to fly with a Lufthansa flight to Munich and from there to Hamburg. To 17.15”, is droning on in the monotone voice down. How? Where? What? As I was sliding in, in between, it seems that the employee from his sleep to rock the boat.

pirates travel 2: What happened to Niko S.

How do I was rebooked before the flight non-stop

“Why, I’m rebooked and can’t get anything out of it? Why am I flying to Munich, to come to Hamburg?” To my questions of the employees don’t know the answer. Why I am not rebooked on the eurowings flight at 14, he does not know. He can’t tell me if I get the transfer confirmation for the flight via Munich. “I’ll take it”, he can tell me. For a phone call, what is going to cost me probably around ten euros, a lean result.

I am at a loss at the Aachen train station. On the off chance I get in the train and make my way to the Cologne airport.

Then the Surprise. I actually can get an E-Mail with the new ticket for the flight over Munich. The Surprise will be even bigger, as I see the departure time on the Ticket: 13.15. But the sleepy Hotline has spoken to staff on repeated demand on my part of a flight at 17.15. Just as well that I’m already on the road. The conclusion so far: flight cancelled, without my Knowledge transferred, and then the wrong departure time. But I remain optimistic. Perhaps the eurowings employees at the airport informed and can help me.

“you have booked”

My hopes are shattered, as I stand in front of the Service switch. Two indifferent pairs of eyes look on. I’m obviously inconvenient. The two employees would probably have whispered about rather more with each other. Exasperated, you tell me that you can’t do anything for me. The Eurowings flight to Hamburg at 14 o’clock was already sold out. And the train, it would have been at 11 o’clock, Yes.

it would have been a train connection as an Alternative, I hear here for the first Time. But now it is no longer available.

trust in the reliability of the customer service of Euro wings, I have more at this time. So I check again, whether there are actually no other Connections to Hamburg would be possible. And lo and behold! For the flight at 14 o’clock there are still places available. Online mass s available. The only catch: There are seats in Business class. 374,99 Euro want Euro wings.

Meanwhile, lights up on the display of Information boards at the airport that brings on this day, the last straw. The flight to Munich, I was rebooked, too late. I was hoping to catch the connecting flight to Hamburg, and is therefore as good as impossible.

pirates travel 4: What Desiree E. experienced

If the replacement flight is cancelled and you are left with the costs

Desperate, I return to the Service Desk. The two employees have to re-break her whispering to me. That I run the risk, this Saturday in Munich, beaches, interested them very little. “Lufthansa is responsible”, with informs me the woman. I was on a Lufthansa flight rebooked. The objection that I have booked with Euro wings and, ultimately, the Euro wings is responsible for ensuring that I arrive in Hamburg, she knows to say nothing. Instead, your colleague is trying to get rid of me.

Now I pull out my phone and confront the Service staff that the Euro wings flight is not fully booked at 14 o’clock. Are you looking at me puzzled. After some Thought, I finally get the explanation: “We can’t rebook you on this flight because the only seats in Business class available. You have not booked.” “Oh, come on. A flight to Munich, I’ve not booked”, I can say only one thing. But this Argument fades in the Void. Either I take the flight to Munich and hope to get my connection, or not, the unambiguous announcement.

Sprint in Munich

Helpless, I get a little later in the plane to Munich. While the Euro wings off an hour later, probably with a half empty Business class to Hamburg. To 14.50 PM I’m finally in the Bavarian capital. At 15.10 my connecting flight to Hamburg will start. As luck would have it, the Gate at the other end of the airport. While passengers flying to Zagreb, to be picked up by a Shuttle and taken to your plane, I need to sprint. The need to have it well posted.

After a perceived Three-Kilometer run and a ride to the Terminal-train a the end of the path to the Gate is not in sight. An airport employee in my pity and taket me in his caddy with. As last I arrive at the Gate. The aircraft is still there. I breathe easier. Shortly thereafter, it becomes clear why the plane is still there: the delay. “Some of the passengers have decided not to go on Board”, literally reads the statement of the captain. Your Luggage, that has already been loaded, must be unloaded.

A pert statement, I can’t believe it. More likely it is that some of the passengers had the good fortune to be with a Caddie taken and your connecting flight is now no longer caught.

insight in Eurowings? No!

Sweaty, stressed, and above all disappointed that I’m coming on early in the evening in Hamburg. An explanation for the Chaos eurowings has not. “As soon as we have an alternative transport available, we can’t pay for more alternative transportation,” – said only in a statement. As I know now, that means in practice is that you make without the Knowledge of the customer, rebooking, and him with a fait accompli. The “alternative transport” is mainly for Euro wings comfortably, not for the customer.

could not Why can I get a seat in Business class, explains Eurowings as well as the staff at the Service Desk in Bonn. “In an evasive flight, it is not uncommon that the passengers are rebooked in the same booking class. Since you were Bay, in Economy Fare, have been able to offer our colleagues, therefore, no alternative flight in the BizClass,” according to an Airline to me on request. Why is not “unusual”, white only, Euro wings. With this simple step would demonstrate to the customer just a little appreciation, but also some great savings. So some of the compensation payments to be due. And the Business-class Tickets for 374,99 Euro may well have in the half hour before the flight, probably no buyer is found.

If you are also on the 23. March 2019 from Cologne to Hamburg wanted to fly and your flight is cancelled, write to us! Or maybe similar experience? We are interested in your stories and treat them, on request, of course, confidential. Send us your reports, photos or Videos to

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