A new Trend in Sweden: The flight of shame is rampant


Also to the climate summit in Katowice traveled Greta Thunberg with. The 16-Year-old is far from the only Swede, the omitted for the sake of the environment on the fly. In Swedish, there is now even an own word: “Flygskam” – “flight of shame”.

a Prominent representative of the movement of the former biathlete and Olympic champion Björn Ferry. He announced last year, to follow in the train as a commentator on sporting events. Also in the Film, the environmental awareness is growing. 250 employees in the sector signed a call in the largest Swedish daily newspaper “Dagens Nyheter”, according to producers shooting abroad to restrict.

All the talk from the Flygskam-Trend

the advertise a pillory, A Swedish Instagram Account in December, prominent to the Online, for long distance travel. The Account now has more than 60,000 Followers.

“The Flygskam Trend has influenced me for sure,” says politics student Victoria Hellstrom. Last year, the 27-Year-old rode the train from Stockholm to Italy to fly twice within a few weeks. Your friends you met there, traveled, however, as usual with the plane.

so Far, the Swedes were among the frequent flyers

This is partly due to the location of the country in the far North of Europe – from Kiruna, Northern Sweden, to the South of France, Côte d’azur 4000 kilometers. But also at the prosperity, and the wide choice of cheap flights. The emissions from flights per capita between 1990 and 2017, five times as high as the global average, such as the Technical University of Chalmers calculated. The emissions of climate-damaging exhaust gases by foreign flights from Sweden increased accordingly, since 1990, to 61 percent.


flight transport in upheaval: we are flying soon electric?

On the other hand, Sweden is feeling the consequences of climate change seem particularly clear: The Meteorological Institute of the country declared last week that the temperature in Sweden was rising twice as fast as the global average.

In March, the World Wildlife Foundation published a survey, nearly 20 percent of the respondents in Sweden information, the sake of the environment to have been in the train instead of the plane. Especially women and young people to travel, therefore, environmentally conscious. In order to support the Trend that wants to use the government until the end of 2022 back night trains in the most important European cities.

the Boom of the web

In Winter, the Swedish railway, SJ, recorded an increase in business trips by 21 per cent. The number of domestic flights decreased in the last year, according to data provided by the transport authority from September to 3.2 percent.

The Swedish psychologist, Frida Hylander is convinced that the “Flygskam” is only one factor for the Trend. The new flight tax, which was introduced a year ago, might as well be a reason. Or, the Bankruptcy of the regional airline Nextjet, which have not been offered many routes for months.

Johannes Ledel/AFP


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