If you ask Rodrigo Pinto, whether or not he would be a bit mad, then he laughs uproariously and says: “Yes, of course. Not just a little bit.” And this is probably just realistic self-assessment, because, unlike with a healthy Dose of madness you can’t tame this mob here. Everywhere Portuguese water dogs, black, white, brown, big, small, all of them barking, running and jumping at the fence as soon as they hear the powerful voice of their Lord. As Rodrigo opens the small gate to his yard, I’m glad that I’m not afraid of dogs. How many are there, can’t say that Rodrigo just, “I guess about eighteen. I need to count them only once,” he says, and then I also understand not a word more, because now you jump high, barking at me.


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“This race knows only two moods: sleep and Hyper active,” says the breeder from Lagos in the Algarve. I have to do it here is clearly with the Latter. Funny, you see these water dogs. They are quite large, have a curly mane, of which each Rastafari can only dream of, and are very slim. I can judge, in spite of the dense coat of a good, because from the middle of your body, most of its animals are shorn bald. “Lionclip” is the name of this really needs getting used to Dog hair, but you are quite right. Water dogs can swim well, and so their claws do not get caught under the water in shaggy fur and internal organs in the cold Atlantic ocean, but remain well-protected, wearing a bald spot the dog from the belly. Also the tail is naked, only at the end of the tail a tuft of remains – “this works like a rudder,” says the 57-year-old Rodrigo.

you can swim well, and

diving Portuguese water dogs are a rare and ancient breed of dog from the class of working dogs. You can incredibly good at swimming and even scuba diving, are very robust, spirited, and good to educate, but also very headstrong. In Europe, only about two thousand copies, at the beginning of the seventies of the last century, the optically poodle-like four-legged friend made it even into the Guinness book of world records as the rarest dog breed. Its origins go back many Hundreds of years and is located right here, where we are now: on the Sunny coast in the South of Portugal.

that’s Exactly where I saw many years ago for the first Time as a Portie, such as Portuguese water dogs are stated in brief. On the beach of Armação de Pêra, a still quaint fishing village, I watched fascinated with my brothers, like a dog jumped tirelessly from the bow of one of the typical wooden fishing boats in the sea, and buoys and nets caught up with. For each path, the black dog floating back had subsided, he received from the fisherman a Sardine, which he, with enthusiasm, down wrapped. That dogs get fond of sticks, we had not seen already, that you make a floating helper for fishing, yet. As the dog was again fulfilled to the country and his Job, we were allowed to play the first of three children for ever with the friendly and cheerful Preto. The Rest of the holiday and we spent the nerves of our parents, so they bought us a Portuguese water dog. The was nothing, but our family lost not only her heart to Preto, but of the whole land.


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These magnificent wide beaches, the spicy scent of wild thyme, the wild, clear sea, the warm hospitality of the Algarvios, and the simple but delicious cuisine had it done to us right off the bat. From then on we came every year. At the end of the seventies, first with the car for three days in the Brut car is hot without air conditioning, the legs on cool boxes full of food, and then in Düsseldorf with the low-cost airline, departure, six o’clock in the morning, Awaken at two o’clock at night. Preto, I have never seen again, but the race stayed with me since then, from the head. I began to search the Internet for breeders, and came always back to the kennel “Casa da Buba”, Rodrigo Pintos breeding facility in Lagos. Rodrigo and I immediately became friends on Facebook and made an appointment for my next visit, so that we could get to know us personally. And here I am now.

Bred to help fishermen haul in the nets

Rodrigo Pinto is a life artist, a robust guy with a lot of stories that are written in the face. He was a professional horseman and real estate broker, until he encountered one day of his great love: Buba. The bitch was his first water dog and “incredibly expensive,” he says. Pinto was fascinated by the skills and the character of this robust breed that was originally bred in the Algarve, to help the fishermen haul in the nets and to apply the communication among the boats, for Radar or radio-there was not at that time, Yes. With the industrialization of fisheries, the faithful four-legged boating companion were superfluous, and the water dog was rare. As the US President Barack Obama got for Christmas a few years ago the Portuguese water dog, Bo from Senator Edward Kennedy, experienced the race of a Revival today, ninety percent of the approximately 12000 copies of life in the United States.

emergency support

First aid for the dog, not as correct

In the nineties Rodrigo Pinto began to breed with Buba professional water dogs, in the meantime, he was able to sell more than six hundred animals in all the world. He is internationally known, many of his dogs have been awarded. In the breeding of Pinto puts all his time and his money. The small, modest, blue-and-white farmhouse with the dog boxes he calls his “luxury prison”, because no matter when you come, Rodrigo is always there. He actually lives together with his wife and their daughter in an apartment in the centre of the seaside resort.

to Obtain A dog to Swim, Dragging

Rodrigo Pintos goal is to get the original abilities of the water dogs as authentic as possible, so he trained with his “approximately” eight to ten dogs as often as possible in the water and some water rescue dogs. On Saturdays, he drives a white Pick-up Truck and its lively crowd in Lagos, the port and exercises to Swim with them, Catch up, Drag and jump from the quay into the water. This spectacle attracts a lot of spectators, and even today, a couple of fascinated tourists on the beach and be amazed, just as my brothers and I at that time again. What a racket! The dogs are completely?ig turned on, and the throat barking from the body, in between Rodrigo gets in a wetsuit, his animals with a loud voice to reason: “Dylan, Idun, Maya, aqui!” But the prospect of a dip in the sea is just too tempting. For the unusual names of his dogs, incidentally, there is a statement: “I for each litter a theme. Sometimes there are music stars, time, North fixes, of God, time, seasons of the year,” explains Rodrigo

A dog I particularly like, perhaps it is different because of the black Summer is not giving way to me from the side. Rodrigo looks at me and says: “If you want, I’ll loan you Summer for today. You can take him like that.” Seriously? And just so with me? He does. A set and he’s sitting in the trunk of my car. We go to Ferragudo to my favourite beach, I want to specify with my borrowed friend in my trunk on the beach. Before we make a walk on the cliffs and enjoy the views of the coast. I’m amazed at how well the dog does not obey, I don’t even need a leash. We have to play a half-hour on the Praia dos Caneiros, then I sit down in the Restaurant, order a plate of mussels and a glass of white wine and watch the evening sun. Summer sits at my feet and looks pretty satisfied. Over forty years after my first encounter, I’ve got still my own water dog.

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