Who loves either archaeology or conspiracy theories, has probably heard of the Antikythera. In the sea off the small Greek island, a mysterious, watch like device, which was probably built around 80 BC, it was once found in the “mechanism of Antikythera”–. Even today, speculation about its function. On the island itself, however, is little known, the idyllic island is beautiful, surrounded by turquoise blue sea and untouched nature. The municipality of Antikythera, however, it is almost too idyllic.

Only 24 people live permanently on the island. In the summer months, seasonal workers and tourists to come then at least. However, this is not administrative enough. You would like to see the Antikythera flourish and seeks, therefore, to families, to the long-term there and the beautiful island revive. The mayor, Andreas Charchalakis, says: “We would need about three young families, large enough to revive antikythira and to meet with children’s laughter.”

The mayor wants more loud laughter of children

Around such families attract, the municipality is now 500 euros per month to support for new settlers. The reason why is not (yet) many families live on Antikythera, is expected to be in the infrastructure: Andreas Charchalakis explained that the island “is beautiful, but in the winter months is difficult”. Also, the island site, formulated diplomatically: “One of the smallest, out-of-date materialized, the most inhabited of the Greek Islands”, with “a limited shopping offer” and “limited resources”, but also “unlimited recreation”.

With the plane it takes about 45 minutes from Antikythera to the capital city of Athens. This seclusion is causing uncertainty for many interested people who would actually desire, on the beautiful island to settle down. But occasionally someone dares to take the step – to the great joy of the mayor: “a few days Ago, the parents moved here with three small children, and suddenly everything was here full of life!” He hopes that even more families choose to make any of Antikythera in to your new home.

source: “Independent”



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