The angry parents In Rockland County, New York, are no longer allowed to enter the 44 children currently in your school. The reason: you are not vaccinated – and to the Green Meadow Waldorf School, the fear of the measles. The namely are in the municipality of solid in circulation, the head of the school speaks of an “unprecedented outbreak”. The concerned parents, in turn, protest that None of their children had been infected with the disease. However, the school wants to be on the Safe side – and a court gave her the right.

The school is with your spell in the right

68 cases in California

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145 cases of measles have occurred since October of last year, in the small community of Rockland County – as many as never before in such a short period of time. One factor is that more and more parents to distrust vaccinations and do not let their children against contagious diseases such as measles immunization. For the Green Meadow Waldorf School is reason enough, all unvaccinated kids from the school to exclude. So you can’t plug in the case of the cases to each other. And maybe a small lesson to the parents.

The respond is little understanding on the announcement of the school Board. “My child, to hold, to be with his class, his teacher, in his class room that has heavy social and psychological impact,” complains a mother. “He is confused, because he is still so young and does not understand why he is allowed on the school premises.”

There is a quick solution: Vaccinate!

The concerned parents took a lawyer and went to court – but on the basis of the very real threat posed by the measles epidemic, the judge gave the head of the school of law. The children are allowed to enter the class if they have been vaccinated. And American pediatricians Association is now calling for, in fact, that you should be allowed to vaccinate minors against the will of the parents. Even if you don’t get away with it probably – it would have been a measles epidemic such as this prevents.

source: Daily Mail



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