Brassic Season 3: Release Date, Sky One Renewal and Trailer

If you’re really looking to have some serious laughter mixed with a tinge of insurgence, ‘Brassic’ has to be your go-to tv show. The British comedy-drama series was premiered on Sky One in August 2019. Despite its naked storyline and frank depiction of unpleasant situations, ‘Brassic’ received more positive reviews than expected.

The story revolves around Vinnie O’Neil and his band of rebellious riff-raffs who indulge in occasional petty crimes. But as soon as age catches on to them, some of them start to question their high-paying profession.

Brassic Season 3

The second season ended with Vinnie getting caught by the cops and gets thrown into the can. However, fans were left in a cliffhanger as Vinne professes his feelings for Erin right before being pulled away. So there is much cause for everyone to expect the third season, and here is everything we know.

Brassic Season 3: Renewal & Release Date

Let’s cut to the chase and get it out. ‘Brassic’ was renewed for a third season following the success of its earlier counterparts. Unfortunately, the production team hasn’t provided any official news about the release date for the third season.

But on the brighter side, a recent trailer revealed that the third season would be released in 2021, meaning that fans won’t have to wait too long.

Brassic Season 3: Episodes

Brassic Season 3

Despite an enigma in terms of the release date, fans will definitely find this last bit of information to be the best news yet. Everyone knows that the first two seasons of ‘Brassic’ featured 6 episodes each. But that didn’t keep the production team from announcing that their third season will have more content for fans with a total of 8 episodes.

Brassic Season 3: Trailer

For those who can’t wait to know more about the third season, Sky One decided to tease fans with what’s about to happen in the form of a trailer. If by any chance you missed the trailer for ‘Brassic’ Season, you can check it out on Sky One’s official Youtube channel.


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