Bollywood fest canceled in Norway

Bollywood fest is a festival that is devoted to the appreciation of Indian cinema and culture. Veteran and modern Indian actresses and actors are attending the Bollywood festival in Norway to share their culture in the country. This festival is not for profit. It shows the leading people from the cinema industry in India. This festival is also supporting the emerging film-makers and recognizes the new artists. In this festival, one can find investors and promote their work freely. A diverse view of the Indian culture is very important for Indian people, that is why they always care enough about this festival to turn out as good as possible. 

Sadly, the annual event is canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The festival is promising that people are going to see them again in the next year when everything will fall into place. At that time it is hoped that the festival will offer a lot of entertainment and fun shows. Hundreds of films launched at the Festival have achieved significant recognition, gained commercial relationships, and reached worldwide audiences excited for new viewpoints and unique voices.

Every year the festival is showing 20 different films in different categories. The best short movies are also selected for this event. All of them are from the directors who are breaking into the Cinema industry. The festival also contains concerts and food. Year after year, the Festival proceeds new ways to include more people in the most inspiring and authentic storytelling.

There is no Indian festival without an Indian dance. In Bollywood fest, one can see groups of people coming from the whole world and dancing together. It’s the biggest Indian festival in Norway. The director of the festival is Nasrullah Qureshi and the coordinator is Suchitra Pathare.

Sponsors of this festival are ODEON LILLESTØM, Nordisk film kino, Mela, Coca-cola, Sony, Fritt Ord and etc. 

Different kinds of people visit this festival. Everyone has their own kind of curiosity over the Indian Cinema. The biggest film festivals like this are getting their funding through sponsorship deals and large companies are offering money in exchange for certain concessions such as advertising.

Sometimes companies from different industries are included in the movie festivals in order to make a friendlier appearance to the community. For example, online casinos are seen in the festivals as the fundraisers for the new directors of the movies. 

They need some inspiration for their games so sometimes they take scenes from the movies and make the games from them. The theme of gambling is very popular in the movies. Most of the time, the most popular movies like James bond and Casino Royale are making casino games more appealing. There are some Bollywood casino movies too, for example: Teen Patti (2010), Striker (2010), Gambler (1971) and etc. As it turns out, some of the most popular slot games we’ve found on this website that showcases them are indeed based on Indian culture and mythology. For most people in the gambling industry, any relation with Indian culture is research in itself that they can later implement into new games that they create. Naturally, hoping that they will be as popular as their contemporaries.

Can there be a fairy-tale ending for cinema after COVID-19?

Covid-19 is changing our lives and industries. The film industries in 2020 are in trouble. Across the world cinemas and movie theatres have been closed and festivals have been canceled or postponed. Because of that, the income of the cinema dropped by billions of dollars. Streaming has become more widespread and the stock of film exhibitors has also collapsed dramatically. The ongoing pandemic has caused uncertainty and worries about the future of art and culture. Even when the pandemic will be over, people most likely will stay away from the cinemas for a while. Everyone is scared of crowded places and large gatherings so this will last for a long period of time. 

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have already seen a rush of subscriptions as a result of COVID-19 effects on cinema. They are offering a wide range of entertainment opportunities for people, in the comfort of their own homes, so of course, people are more drawn to them than they were before. We are all in this together. We are stuck in homes so the only thing we can do is watch movies and tv series in order to somehow forget about the current situation in the world. Even the ones who were not interested in the movies and art are now deciding to enter the platforms. Unquestionably, the content available is far more superior to what is available on regular television. Most of the people who are doing nothing in their houses are watching TV all the time. 

Cinemas are also trying to somehow adapt to this situation so many of them are collaborating with different kinds of companies in order to have movie nights at some open-air places. The cinema is getting more and more creative because of the pandemic, the industry is suggesting different options to see the new films. For example, the theatre in Italy has taken a decision that they would move viewers outside and have created a huge drive-in place where hundreds of visitors can be placed. The government of Madrid has additionally supported mobile movies for people to see the movies from their balconies.

After the pandemic, the industry of cinema will surely be changed. Maybe in a good way because we can’t return to our past. There will always be people who will prefer to go out and see movies on the big screens so new ideas are needed in order to achieve that for them.

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