Boeing 737 Max: machines on the ground, the group is in crisis

At the beginning of two plane crashes, death and grief were, the sudden end of 346 people life in the crash of Lion Air flight 610 in the last year, and Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 in March of this year. “This life lost will quote in the years to come heavy on our hearts and our Psyche loads,” can Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said in a Statement published by the group. The focus is now on the confidence of the passengers to regain. The aircraft manufacturer announced a Fund of 100 million dollars for the survivors. Of “charitable donations” is out of the question.

At the core of the problem Muilenburg, who still in June at the air show in Le Bourget, the Public embarrassing shunned winds, but passing: The name of his misfortune plane – “Boeing 737 Max” – he mentions not a word. Here, the Jet now has the potential to drive the time-honoured group in the deepest crisis in its history, when in the insolvency. If it was not possible in the foreseeable future, the global flight ban to make for the type of undo, threaten to gigantic cost.

Parked Jets for twelve billion dollars

Long ago, the number of the Boeing plant in Renton, near Seattle rises to dump the Jets. So far, the factory has produced more than 40 machines in a month, although since mid-March, no more could be delivered. 100 newly produced machines be parked for the time being, reports the news Agency Bloomberg. The first clog is already rolling paths, and also on some of the employee Parking 737 Max, the TUI stand, with the German registration code on the tail. A value of twelve billion dollars to have the parked aircraft, according to Bloomberg. However, is theoretical: aircraft that do not fly, nobody is worth something.

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737 Max: a New Boeing is to the roadside plane – not for the first Time

By Till Bartels

And that the Boeing 737 Max is allowed to quickly take off again, that is anything but safe: The flight control software MCAS, which is made for the two crashes to be responsible, is still under repair. Just recently, the group had to admit that another mistake by the US aviation authority FAA testing has found, was not classified as “serious,” but actually as “catastrophic”. An important flight computer is overloaded due to the already changed Software and now it seems in certain situations. Then it forwards control commands probably only reluctantly, and with a few seconds delay on the control surfaces. Too late to react to problems.

Less jobs, new suits

The European aviation safety Agency (EASA) the aircraft manufacturer, a list of five problem areas to Air. Besides the already known difficulties, it could lead to a malfunction of the autopilot. In emergency situations – for example, in the case of an unstable flight situation – could be that the Autopilot does not quickly enough to switch off. As a result, the Cockpit Crew miss out on important seconds which could decide over life and death.


At a Hearing in Washington, D.C., in may: Michael Stumo and Nadia Milleron, their daughter Samya lost in the crash of the Boeing 737 Max by Ethiopian Airlines.

©Nicholas Kamm AFP

when the world-wide flight ban for the problem of plane lifted, is completely open. Affected European airlines Sun Express, Norwegian and Tuifly had to organize for the summer season replacement machines. Boeing considers itself covered if it is more than just a Software Update for the delivered and parked Jets give. “It is important for the FAA flight test in September is to be done, after its implementation, further information on the schedule by the authorities,” said a spokesman from Tuifly the star.

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