Blue Bloods Season 12: Is There Scope For Joe Hill Return To The Series?

Just in case you were hoping to see Will Hochman as Joe Hill on Blue Bloods season 12, you’re in luck!

In a new report today from TVLine, it has been officially confirmed that Hochman will be back for at least one episode as the son of the late Joe Reagan — who has been highlighted as both an NYPD officer and undercover operative since his debut. He had a huge role to play at the end of season 11, when the Reagans all teamed up in order to ensure that he got out of a precarious and near-fatal situation.

Blue Bloods Season 12: Is There Scope For Joe Hill Return To The Series?

When Joe comes back to the show, we have to imagine that some sort of big-time case will come with him. What we like about the character is that he brings a little more of an action-movie feel to the show. He’s a rare fresh face that doesn’t feel over-the-top or like the producers are trying to compensate for something elsewhere. We’ve enjoyed him around on just about every occasion we’ve seen him.

As for why the writers/producers aren’t considering making Hochman a full-fledged series regular, it may just have to do with how many mouths they have to feed already. You have a number of Reagan family members who have a big story every single week; it would be hard to balance all of them and then also working to introduce someone else at the same exact time. How do you manage to play all of that out?

If nothing else, we’d love for Joe to continue to be a recurring player on Blue Bloods for quite some time to come. Even if he’s only present for an episode or two here and there, that is 100% better than not seeing him at all.

What do you think about Will Hochman coming back as Joe on Blue Bloods season 12?

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