Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 5: What’s The Conflict All About?

There are times when we question whether or not Blue Bloods needs to have Jamie and Eddie in the midst of conflict. A great example of that is earlier this year with Eddie and the Sergeant’s exam. Why would she think he would be upset for that? This is a legitimate way for her to move up the career ladder and he wants nothing but for her to be happy.

Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 5: What's The Conflict All About?

Ultimately, this article isn’t about that: Instead, it’s about a conflict that makes SO much more sense. Friday night’s “Good Intentions” will feature a storyline where Will Estes and Vanessa Ray’s characters find themselves challenged by a new houseguest in Eddie’s father. As you can imagine, this is going to be rough on them. Even if Armin Janko wasn’t a convicted criminal, it’s hard living with a parent or an in-law; once you through Armin’s history into the equation, it becomes an almost-impossible situation to deal with.

Could Jamie and Eddie be arguing in the photo above about why Armin is staying with them, or the overall length of the visit? It could be something like that, or they may just be trying to vent as a way to deal with all of the stress. They’re going to need an outlet and over the course of the episode, they need to remember to not take things out on each other. After all, that won’t get them anywhere when the dust settles.

We’re sure that one of the other issues that could come out of all of this is Eddie’s own fear of judgment. Jamie, after all, comes from a family of cops — meanwhile, her story is a little different, to put it mildly. There have been some storylines about this before in the world of Blue Bloods and we wouldn’t be shocked to see it rear its head again.

What do you think is going to be happening with Jamie and Eddie by the end of Blue Bloods season 12 episode 5?

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