Bill Maher’s New Rant About Brian Laundrie Is Raising Eyebrows

Bill Maher's New Rant About Brian Laundrie Is Raising Eyebrows

Bill Maher didn’t hold back when giving his take on Brian Laundrie. On October 1, the talk show host began by berating the culture of social media, particularly the #VanLife persona that Laundrie was participating in. On “Real Life with Bill Maher,” he called it the “movement of young hipsters rejecting the dreary, working life of us ‘normies.'” Maher called these “content providers” people who had figured out a way to “monetize f**king off.”

Maher then pointed his criticism toward Laundrie specifically. He said that Laundrie should be working at Del Taco. “He was never destined to be Insta-famous,” Maher went on. “He was destined to forget the fries in my cheeseburger combo.”

It was specifically the desire to become famous on social media that Maher found ridiculous. “I want to know why filming van life is something anyone would find remotely interesting to begin with.” he added, “I’m sorry but Brian Laundrie was not an interesting person until he became a person of interest.” Clearly, Maher’s criticism, while directed at Laundrie, speaks to a larger, cultural crisis.


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