Biggest lottery winners in India

Winning a lottery jackpot is seen as a sure-shot way of ending all the financial woes in one’s life. Even the thought of winning hundreds of thousands of rupees, in one go, and almost effortlessly, is enough to bring a smile to our faces. It is this hope that has seen the sales of lottery tickets rise through the years. Even in India, lotteries are extremely popular in states where they are held. In other regions, where state lotteries are not conducted, people still have a chance of winning at the lottery, thanks to online lotto sites. It is no wonder then, that players search for Lottoland review online, and select the best site to buy lottery tickets.

You may have come across the news of individuals winning millions of dollars in jackpots, in foreign lotteries like the Powerball and MegaMillions. But very few might be knowing about Indian players who have won big in lotteries. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest lottery winners from India.

Porunnan Rajan

The ₹300 investment made on the Christmas-New Year bumper lottery ticket, made by this rubber tapper from Kerala turned out to be the best decision of his life, as he won the ₹12 crore jackpot on that ticket.

Neck deep in bank debt, Rajan had taken a fourth bank loan to pay off the previous loans, and was worried about the imminent marriage of his eldest daughter, when he walked into a lottery office to buy the ticket. His financial condition was so bad that he could not complete the construction of his house.

But now, the approximately ₹7.2 crores that he will be getting, after taxes and commissions, are more than enough to cover his loans and expenses. In addition to getting his eldest daughter married, and completing the construction of his house, he is looking forward to giving the best possible education to his younger daughter and son.

Rajan has also decided to set aside a part of his winnings in order to help the needy and poor.

Ashok and Kirti Patel

This doctor couple from Santacruz, Mumbai had previously lost a lottery worth ₹1 lakh by a single number. But lady luck smiled on them in 2008, when they won a jackpot of close to ₹8 crores, matching all the 6 numbers correctly.

While Mr. Ashok was a regular buyer of lottery tickets, this was the first time that Kirti was buying the ticket. Little did she know that the ₹10 she spent on buying the ticket from a vendor in Bandra, would change her life forever.

Using the money, she fulfilled her long-cherished dream of buying a large apartment in Bandra and securing a good education and future for her children. She was also looking forward to taking a world tour, to enjoy her winnings, and donating a part of the amount to charity.

R P Manoharan

Most of us would consider ourselves lucky if we win a jackpot even once during our lifetime. But then what would you call a person who has won a jackpot not once or twice, but three times, and that too in 3 consecutive years!

R P Manoharan, a retired employee of the Kerala Electricity Board, had a habit of buying lottery tickets after his retirement in 2009. In some months, he would spend close to ₹5000 on buying lottery tickets. In spite of facing criticisms, he was persistent in his habit, winning small amounts every now and then.

His first big win was in 2016 when he won the ₹65 lakh jackpot in the Pournami lottery. In the following year, he won ₹70 lakh in the Nirmal lottery. His latest win was in 2018 when he again won the ₹70 lakh Nirmal jackpot.

Using the money, he got his daughter married, and is looking forward to providing a good future for his son.

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