Big Brother Canada Season 8: All set to Premiere | Complete Cast and Airing / Stream Details

Big Brother is a phenomenon all over the world. Bigg Brother Canada season 8 Houseguest casts reveal was done by the showrunners on 26th of February 2020, Wednesday. The show will start its premiere on the 4th of March 2020 at 7 PM ET.

Big Brother Canada Season 8: What’s New?

The fun of Bigg Brother will extend to 2 more weeks in this season. Another specialty is the presence of contestants with the astronomical difference in everything which shows the core specialty of Canda itself. The presence of a Canadian Sikh, Hira Deol is a testimony for this. The new version of the show will be bigger and richer. The showrunners took contestants from different parts of the country.

Bigg Brother-canada-cast-members-revealed-season-8

Big Brother Canada 8 Eviction voting

Bigg Brother Canada’s audience can cast their first vote for eviction before February 29 even before the show the premiere.

Big Brother Canada Prize money

The winner of the show will be awarded prize money of whopping, $100,000. And $10,000 worth of groceries Sponsered by Summer Fresh, and a wonderful trip to anywhere in the world with the help from Expedia.

Big Brother Canada 2 Houseguest Details

The cast of Bigg Brother Canda was revealed only on February 26.

  1. Hira Deol
  2. Jamar Lee
  3. John Luke Kieper
  4. Kyle Rozendal
  5. Madeline Di Nunzio
  6. Micheal Stubley
  7. Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao
  8. Nico Vera
  9. Rianne Swanson
  10. Sheldon Jean
  11. Susanne Fuda
  12. Vanessa Clements
  13. Angie Tackie
  14. Brooke Warnock
  15. Carol Rosher
  16. Christoper “Chris” Wyllie

This is the complete list of contestants who will be living in the Bigg Brother House. Further details about the contestants and the show will be provided according to request from the readers.


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