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Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Result | Closing to Finale | Mahesh and Punarnavi in Danger

Bigg Boss has winded up its 72nd day recently. It is an exciting blend of fun, drama, pretty fights etc under the same umbrella. With the talks about the finale is so prevalent this elimination will be very crucial. There had been many sparks between the inmates and most important of all is Rahul’s nomination for the elimination. As this will decide the fate of each contestant for the good or bad. With all this on the plate, this week is looking so eventful.

Hema, Tamanna, Jaffer, Rohini, Ashu, Ali Reza, Himaja and Ravikrishna got eliminated from the show already. From all these eliminations Ali Reza’s eviction made everyone surprised and supposedly he will be returning.


This time the contestants on the list to contestants to get eliminated are, Mahesh, Punarvi, Rahul, and Varun.

In almost all of the unofficial polls done by third parties, Rahul seems to get the lion share of the votes. It was unexpected to see Varun Sandesh again on the list of nominations. It cannot be considered the final decision. The trend can change to his favor too. Varun’s getting a good number of votes.

While Punarvi and Mahesh are lurking on the danger zone.

Voting Trends of Day one Bigg Boss Telugu 3

  • Varun- 26%
  • Rahul-30%
  • Mahesh-22%
  • Punarvi-22%

Give Missed Call and Save Contestant

Each contestant is allotted with a phone number. Viewers can cast their votes by giving a miss call to the numbers of their choice. You are allowed to call 10 times from a number a week.

  • Punarvi-8466996709
  • Mahesh-8466996712
  • Varun-8466996714
  • Rahul-8466996706
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