Bigg Boss Telugu vote: Rahul Safe | Ali, Sreemukhi, Ravi And Mahesh In Elimination Race

Bigg Boss Telugu vote: We expected Host Nagarjuna to declare Mahesh and Sreemukhi as safe in today’s episode of Bigg Boss Telugu. But to everyone’s surprise, Rahul was declared safe among the nominated contestants.

Now that Rahul is safe, Ali, Sreemukhi, Ravi, and Mahesh are left in the elimination race. One among these contestants will have to leave the Bigg Boss house on Sunday. Who is that housemate? Let us guess.

Bigg Boss Lights On

Which Contestant Will Be Eliminated On Sunday?

To know who will be eliminated. We have to analyze the performance of each contestant to come to a conclusion. So here is an analysis of each housemate.

Mahesh Vitta

Mahesh is that one contestant who has been in the elimination race in almost every single week. And he was also the one to be declared safe on Saturday multiple times. And he didn’t do anything bad this week to be eliminated. So most probably he is safe.


Sreemukhi is another contestant who has developed a good following from the audience. Every time she gets nominated, she gets massive number of votes. That trend will continue this time too.


Yes, you might have thought about it. Ravi is that one contestant who might be eliminated this week. Though he didn’t do anything bad to not be liked by the audience, lack of following from the audience may lead to his elimination.

Ali Reza

Another contestant who might get eliminated this week. Many housemates and audience have pointed out his anger management issues in tasks and other discussions. This might lead to his elimination. In fact, a majority of reports have already confirmed that Ali Reza is eliminated from Bigg Boss House.

So Ali Reza is the one to leave the house on Sunday. This is our guess. What do you think? Who should be eliminated tomorrow? Do let us know your opinion by writing in the comments section below.

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