Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Rahul, Himaja, Ashu, Mahesh, Punarnavi, Shiva Jyothi and Baba Bhaskar Nominated this week

The Bigg Boss 3 Telugu, hosted by Nagarjuna Akkineni, is going to witness its next eviction in this week. There is a total of 7 contestants who are in the nomination zone for eviction. They are Rahul, Himaja, Ashu, Mahesh, Punarnavi, Shiva Jyothi and Baba Bhaskar.

On Sunday, Rohini was eliminated from the house. Everyone was emotional and just when you thought this elimination thing is over, the next set of contestants are nominated. That is the nature of the show.

The Real Game Starts Now!

Though everything all fun and happy between the housemates, on Sunday, we have seen them challenging each other through filmy dialogues as a part of the task. But the contestants have said they will be taking things seriously from now.

Even Baba Bhaskar, who is known for being cool and not so challenging has said that his real game will start from now. The contestants also said that they have removed their masks and will be true to their self. This makes the show even interesting and exciting to watch. Will we see any change in the performance of the players? Only time will tell.

Bigg Boss Telugu Nomination Process

As the captain of the house, Ali Reza got a chance to nominate one of the contestants for elimination. Ali chose Baba Bhaskar, Rahul, Vithika, and Himaja. All these four housemates have to convince Ali not to choose them by the end of the day. And at the end of the day, Ali Reza chose Baba Bhaskar.

Today, to nominate contestants for elimination, each contestant was asked to open small boxes. If they get the black ball in the box, they have to put red color on to the face of two contestants whom they want to eliminate in the house. And if they get the red ball they have to go to the confession room to choose two contestants.

Shiva Jyothi who already got nominated for this week’s elimination for not following the rules during nomination process last week. Ali Reza who is captain was exempted from nomination.

In this process, Punarnavi put the color on Himaja and Rahul. Baba Bhaskar put the color on Rahul and Ashu Reddy. Ravi Prakash put the color on Rahul and Himaja. Vithika chose Mahesh and Ashu in the confession room. Sreemukhi chose Rahul and Ashu. Rahul chose Himaja and Sreemukhi. Ashu put the color on Himaja and Rahul. Varun put the color on Rahul and Mahesh. Shiva Jyothi chose Punarnavi and Rahul. Mahesh put the color on Mahesh and Varun. Himaja put the color on Punarnavi and Ashu.

How To Vote For Your Favourite Contestant?

So as mentioned above, Rahul, Himaja, Ashu, Mahesh, Punarnavi, Shiva Jyothi and Baba Bhaskar are nominated for elimination in week 5 of Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

One of the housemates will have to bid a farewell to the big boss house this week. Now, who will be that contestant totally depends upon the total number of votes secured by each contestant. Therefore, if you want to save your favorite contestant, then don’t forget to vote for them.

There are two ways through which you can cast your precious vote. The first way is to vote through the Hotstar app and the second way is by giving a missed call on the number assigned to each contestant. We have given below the steps to cast your vote through both of the above-mentioned ways.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Through Hotstar App

  • Download the Hotstar app on your phone.
  • Login into the app using your mobile number, email id or through your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Banner. If you are not able to see the banner, then search it in the search box by typing Bigg Boss Telugu 3.
  • Then you will find the ‘Vote’ option.
  • Find the contestants who are in the nomination zone for eviction.
  • Tap on your favorite contestant to vote for them.

Bigg Boss Telugu Week 5 Nominated Contestants

Please note that you can vote a maximum 10 times up to midnight and you can even vote for more than one contestant.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting By Giving A Missed Call

Every contestant is assigned one number. To vote, you have to give a missed call at your contestant’s number. Please note that a maximum of 10 missed calls can be made from one phone number in a week.

The numbers allotted to each contestant are as follows:-

  • Shiva Jyoti: 8466 996 701
  • Ashu Reddy: 8466 996 703
  • Himaja: 8466 996 705
  • Rahul Sipligunj: 8466 996 706
  • Baba Bhaskar: 8466 996 708
  • Punarnavi Bhupalam: 8466 996 709
  • Mahesh Vitta: 8466 996 712

Rahul, Himaja, Ashu, Mahesh, Punarnavi, Shiva Jyothi and Baba Bhaskar

So folks, if you want your favorite contestant to become the winner this week, then what are you waiting for? Just hurry up and cast your vote for them by any of the above-mentioned ways!!

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  1. baba baskhar is all rounder
    Good attitude
    Early wakeup
    Easy going
    Best supporting mng 5:00 am too for his collegaues.
    Kitchen and bathroom also.
    Very rare attittude,positive thinking.
    All the best sir.
    God bless you.
    Pls give support fnds.
    Thank you.
    Sorry if any hurt my words..

  2. i am support rahul is my hiro in big boss house i love you rahul . Iam watching in rahul & punam love track kevvu keka 💝💞💞 rahul attitude smille super iam sem in my life 🍁🍁🍁 because me and my frnds big boss watching in rahul supar star 👌👌👌 🤙🤙🤙🤙
    And house metts lo varun .ashu ali ravi ok
    Big boss house lo . mahesh vetta srimuki himaja vithika west villu mask inka tiyyaledhu west ..🖕🖕🖕

  3. Please eliminate Punarnavi . Lots of attitude. Considers herself to be a beauty queen . BackStabbed Rahul. Today also Rahul is roaming behind her ..saying Punnu…Punnu.
    Punnarnavi cannot be anyones friend. She is fighting with Vithika too.

    Please caste your vote to Rahul and eliminate Punarnavi.

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