Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Mahesh Vitta Eliminated from the house

Bigg Boss Telugu is almost approaching the finale and every elimination is very crucial. It is now on its 76th day. The drama, fight, action all are getting more and more exciting. There have been many heart-thumping scenes which left everyone expecting for more. This being the ninth elimination of the season, Mahesh Vitta got eliminated. Mahesh and Punarvi were on the danger zone from the beginning of the voting. Punarvi was seen on the last for quite long, but at last, it was Mahesh who was shown the door.

Hema, Jaffar, Tamanna, Rohini, Ashu, Ali Reza, Himaja and Ravi Krishna have been evicted from the show. The elimination of Ali Reza was a big shock for the audience and inmates as well.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Mahesh Vitta Eliminated from the house

mahesh vitta

Even for some days, Mahesh was on the second spot for the votes. This is not the first time we are seeing the voting trend turns upside down. This makes it impossible to predict who will be the winner. Most of the major critics are expecting Rahul or Punarvi will be the victim. The surprising fact is that there had been no much change in the positions until the last 2 days. Ravi Krishna was eliminated last week.

It is the second time Varun Sandesh enter the nominations for elimination. Rahul got to the safe zone by the ending day of voting. You can catch the episode and witness the eliminations yourself. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


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