Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Is Ali Reza’s Re-Entry Into The House Justified? | Public Poll

On Thursday, evicted contestant Ali Reza has made a re-entry into the house. Housemates in the house were elated welcoming him back to the house. But this has also divided the audience on the question of whether his re-entry is justified or not.

Though supporters are happy, some audience feels that his re-entry into the house is not justified. They ask on what basis Ali Reza is bought back. Some have even gone ahead and said this is the worst Bigg Boss season and it is unfair.

Ali Reza Re-Entry

After the re-entry of Ali, people on social media have also started demanding re-entry of Himaja, Jaffar and other eliminated contestants. So this has right now become a trending topic in the Telugu entertainment zone.

So to clear this question once and for all, we have created the below poll. You can vote your opinion regarding Ali’s re-entry in the below poll. By this, we can know how much percentage of the audience think Ali Reza’a Re-Entry is justified or not.

So what is your opinion on this? Is Ali’s Re-Entry justified? Let us know your opinion in the comments sections section. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss Telugu.

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