Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Big Fight Between Varun And Rahul In Family Task | Fan Poll

Yesterday, in Bigg Boss house, a brick task has been introduced by the Bigg Boss. Where Varun and Rahul, who are playing son characters have to build a wall by stealing the bricks. This has led to a fight which is a burning topic now.

As you can expect in any physical task, there can be ugly spats between housemates and that is what happened. While both are trying to build their own wall, both started getting into each other’s process which led to a verbal fight.

Varun And Rahul Bigg Boss

That competition led to a physical fight where both of them are trying to get the bricks. This has divided the audience into two parts. Team Varun and Team Rahul. There has been a discussion on social media about who is correct and who is not.

While some other netizens have also stated that this is a physical task and these things are bound to happen. However, to know public opinion, we decided to create a poll. Vote in the below poll and state your opinion.

What do you think about this fight? Who is correct and who is not? Do let us know your opinion by writing in the comments section below. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss Telugu.

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