Bigg Boss Telugu vote | Its time for Audience to Vote and Save your favourite contestant

Bigg Boss Telugu vote: Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 has entered a new array of events this week and the upcoming episodes will be even more gripping. Last week episode witnessed a lot of twists and turns with outbursts and cry outs. The second wild card entry Shilpa Chakravarthy who started her stay at the Bigg Boss house on September 2. It is pretty visible for the audience that something is sparking in between the women inmates after her introduction. Return of the host Nagarjuna was another highlight of the last weekend.

Hema, Jaffar, Tamannah, Rohini, Ashu and Ali Reza are already eliminated from the house. Ali Reza was eliminated last week, which shocked the audience and inmates equally.


This week’s nominations for elimination are:

  • Punarnavi,
  • Himaja,
  • Mahesh,
  • Shilpa
  • and Shreemukhi

Official audience polling reports are not yet published by the Hotstar team but many major polling reports suggest Silpa and Mahesh in the danger zone. Sreemukhi is on the third position in terms of votes received in the unofficial poles. Punarnavi and Himaja are safe if the polls could have relied on. The so-called ‘Sreemukhi Army’ is cannot be seen anywhere and she is in quite a danger now. Shilpa is the most nominated contestant this week. She had only entered the show recently and didn’t get to spend a lot of time here and her weak number of acquaintances made her bag a lot against her. Silpa’s performance was very weak.

  • Himaja – 49632 votes
  • Shreemukhi – 29363 votes
  • Punarnavi – 42630 votes
  • Mahesh Vitta – 23626 votes
  • Rahul – 14563 votes

Votes as of now. Himaja and Punarnavi seem safe but this is only initial votes and the state could change anytime.

Cast your Vote through miss call

Each contestant is allotted with a phone number. Viewers can cast their votes by giving a miss call to the numbers of their choice. You are allowed to call 10 times from a number a week.

  • Shilpa: 8466 996 702
  • Mahesh Vitta: 8466 996 712
  • Himaja: 8466 996 705
  • Shreemukhi: 8466 996 713
  • Punarnavi: 8466996709

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