Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Vote Elimination: Will Kumar Sai get evicted this week?

The competition is getting very much fierce in the house of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu as the days advance. The time has finally arrived for this week’s elimination as it is the Sunday, the day one of the contestants has to leave the house of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu permanently. Some of your contestants were saved from being eliminated the day before let’s see who will get eliminated tonight in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu.

During this week’s nomination task around, around nine distinctive contestants were nominated. This week witnessed the highest rate of nomination as compared to the previous ones. Additionally, Sohel protected Mehaboob during a task by using the special power he received as being the captain of the house.

New reports from several sources point out that among all the contestants Kumar Sai is most likely to get eliminated from the house of Bigg Boss. Moreover, a credible source has confirmed that Kumar Sai exiting the house of Bigg Boss is certain. There are several concrete reasons why Kumar Sai might take leave from the house during tonight’s episode.

Kumar Sai is the second wild card entry contestant to get eliminated

Let’s take a look at Kumar Sai’s journey in the house of Bigg Boss. Kumar joined the show as a wild card entry and since he entered the house he has been receiving a lot of backlash and criticism from people for staying inactive and secluded in Bigg Boss Telugu house. The veteran actor and host of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu, Nagarjuna has warned Kumar Sai multiple times regarding his screentime in the show.

However, Sai stepped up and began being vocal concerning his opinions. In addition to this, he also helmed the role of the captain of Bigg Boss house after becoming the best performer among his peers.

If the sources are believed, they Kumar Sai will indefinitely become second wild card housemate to leave the house after Swathi Deekshith.