Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Why Tamanna Simhadri Is Evicted From The House?

Well, this comes off as no surprise. Majority of the audience is not happy with Tamanna’s behavior and they showed that through voting. And the next thing we know, Tamanna is eliminated from the house within one week of her entry.

It all started last Monday when Tamanna entered the house as a wild card contestant. And as soon as she entered the house, she started telling the contestants that they should behave a certain way because the audience is shown in some way on the show. This suggestion thing is not liked by most of the audience.

Tamanna Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu 3


Then after a couple of days, Tamanna got into a verbal fight with Ali Reza who was roaming around with a towel after he bathed which Tamanna didn’t like. And from there on, the rift between them began.

On occasion of friendship day, Tamanna tied friendship band to Ravi Prakash who later on went on to nominate Tamanna for elimination which Tamanna couldn’t digest. She started bullying him from then on. All other participates have condemned her behavior.

Later on, she also had a war of words with Shiva Jyothi. Tamanna commented on journalism which is Shiva Jyothi’s profession and this resulted in Shiva Jyothi giving a serious warning to her.

Tamanna Simhadri Eliminated

Along with all these major fights, Tamanna had a problem with almost everyone in the house. She was always seen complaining about their behavior. She kept on saying she is on one side and all other contestants are on another side.

All these things led to her elimination. Thanks to Tamanna, Vithika got saved this week. She is the one that got the least votes after Tamanna. Anyways, it will be interesting to see how things will go from now on. Follow our site for regular updates.

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