Bigg Boss 3 Telugu vote for elimination: Which contestant will leave the house in week 5?

Bigg Boss Telugu vote: So its time again for analyzing, calculating and guessing. Just like every week, its time to guess who will be eliminated from Bigg Boss house this Sunday. This week, Rahul, Himaja, Ashu, Mahesh, Punarnavi, Shiva Jyothi and Baba Bhaskar are nominated.

Among these seven housemates, one will be eliminated on Sunday. Who will be that one person is the question? To know the answer, we will analyze how each one of these housemates is performing in the house.


Rahul is one who got nominated by the majority of the housemates on Monday. He got a total of eight votes in the nomination process. It is evident that the housemates don’t want Rahul in the house. But on the other hand, Rahul has decent support from the audience to get safe this week.


Himaja is the one with second highest votes from the housemates. Right from the incident when she had a fight with Ali Reza, she’s been getting a flack from the housemates. She might be one to leave the house this week.


Surprisingly, Ashu got many votes on Monday during the nomination process. They said Ashu is not strong enough to stay in the house. Though Ashu might think she will not be the one to leave the house this Sunday cause she didn’t do anything wrong, lack of support from the audience might lead to her elimination.


Mahesh is one who has been nominated and got saved multiple times. This says that he has not done anything that bad to get rejected by the audience. He is doing well and will be safe this week too if he doesn’t do anything bad.


Punarnavi was seen getting a lot of support from the day when she tried to self nominate herself because she didn’t want to stay in the house with the housemates. Though there are some other people who framed her fake and called her out for her attitude. But there are no major reasons for her to get eliminated.

Shiva Jyothi

On Tuesday, by winning the captaincy task, Shiva Jyothi got appointed as the new captain of the house. And she also has enough support in and outside the house to be safe. She got nominated because she didn’t follow the rules of the nomination process.

Baba Bhaskar

Another contestant who will be saved this week with a high majority of votes. Baba Bhaskar was directly nominated by Ali Reza who used his special power as the captain to nominate him. Baba Bhaskar has huge support from the audience and he won’t be eliminated easily.

Bigg Boss Telugu Week 5 Nominated Contestants


So to conclude, we would say, One among Ashu or Himaja might leave the house this Sunday. It might be Rahul too. We never know. It totally depends on whom the audience will be voting.

Now, who will be that contestant totally depends upon the total number of votes secured by each contestant. Therefore, if you want to save your favorite contestant, then don’t forget to vote for them.

You can either vote for them on Hotstar app or you can give a missed call at your contestant’s number.

The numbers allotted to each contestant are as follows:-

  • Shiva Jyoti: 8466 996 701
  • Ashu Reddy: 8466 996 703
  • Himaja: 8466 996 705
  • Rahul Sipligunj: 8466 996 706
  • Baba Bhaskar: 8466 996 708
  • Punarnavi Bhupalam: 8466 996 709
  • Mahesh Vitta: 8466 996 712

So that is all we have to say. Now it is up to you. Who do you think will be eliminated this week? To whom did you vote? Do let us know by writing in the comments section below. And also follow our site for regular updates. Thank you.

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  1. Rahul should be eliminated bcs he got the opportunity of being a captain but he did not utilise it.he gave up like a person who is mentally and physically week.instead of concentrating on punarvini he should concentrate on winning of game.another person ashu reddy she is not at all physically strong she thinks that she knows everything.

  2. Punarnavi should he Eliminate from the house why because she is unfit for bigboss house .she as such an unfair and cruel girl in the house .my opinion punarnavi should be eliminated from the house

  3. Ali showing he is a big star big celebrate he dont know what he talks in big boss house always show off person with in a minute he will be eliminated

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