Bigg Boss Telugu 3 – Promo Video of Ali Reza re-entering the house

The 26th September episode of Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 did witness a significant wild-card entry contestant. Before the wildcard contestant made his entrance into the house of Bigg Boss, the lights around the house were switched off. Soon there were music in the house and angels were seen dancing around the contestant with six-pack abs.

The contestants were unable to figure out the wild-card entry at first. Nevertheless, there was someone in the house who exactly knew the wild card contestant. Sreemukhi immediately figured out that the popular contestant of Bigg Bigg Telugu 3, Ali Reza is back with a bang!

Since the elimination, the fans of Ali Reza have been constantly requesting for the re-entry of Reza. According to sources, around five lakh people voted for the re-entry of Reza. Moreover, the creators of Bigg Boss Tamil wanted to satisfy the hunger of the views. It is not an internet hoax or rumor, Ali Reza is back in Bigg Boss 3. Now the real question is, are all the contestants happy with Ali Reza’s re-entry? Stay Tuned to know more!!

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan is a content writer & social media specialist by day; a storyteller & a freelance writer by night. As a self-proclaimed prodigy in writing, he believes that language is borderless, and writing gives a person the absolute power to create and destroy things. Anyone can write as long as they have a strong narrative capability and the ability to emote feelings into words.

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