Bigg Boss Telugu 3: No Eliminations This Week | New Wild Card Entry Sited

Today is Sunday, and just like every Sunday, we thought one contestant will leave the house. Out of the three nominated contestants, one contestant got eliminated. Mahesh, Himaja, and Punarnav. One had to leave the house.

But in today episode, substitute host, Ramya Krishna has declared that there are no eliminations this week. And a new contestant Shilpa Chakravarthy has given wild card entry into the show. This episode is enough to say anything can happen in Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss Telugu No Eliminations

Actually, six contestants got nominated this week. But, Bigg Boss announced a secret task where he gave a chance to three nominated contestants to get out of elimination. Varun, Rahul, and Ravi are the contestants that participated in a secret task and saved themselves.

Today, Host Ramya Krishna has arranged a game where each contestant is given a black rose and was asked to give that to one among the three nominated contestants whom they want to eliminate.

In this process, Mahesh got most roses. But the twist is, Mahesh got the most number of votes from the audience making him safe. And Himaja and Punarnavi were left and later on it was declared that there is no elimination this week.

Later, in the promo, Ravi and Ali were called to the confession room and they are shown a woman in the screen before them. This is most probably Shilpa Chakravarthy who is making a wild card entry in the show. Shilpa Chakravarthy is an actress and TV anchor. She is known for one famous scene in happy movie starring Allu Arjun.

So what do you think about no one being eliminated? If there was elimination, would have should have got eliminated? Do let us know your opinion in the comments section below. Thank you for reading.

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