Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results Out : Sherin in danger and Kavin in leading

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results: By the looks of it, things have been quite uneventful in the third season of Bigg Boss Tamil. The audience, on the other hand, had access to a significant amount of disagreements and disputes from the contestants. Sadly, one of the contestants became a pig to be slaughtered in the house, and it was none other than Kavin.

The audience witnessed an emotional outburst on the 75th day in the show. Most of the housemates and the audience are saying that Sherin’s recent attitude was inappropriate. Vanitha played her part as the one with the plans, and she did play it very well. Sherin was considered as the strongest front runner contestants in this season. However, Shrein lost her cool, and now Vanitha is garnering the attention due to this.

Who is going to survive – Cheran V/S Sherin?

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results Out : Sherin in danger and Kavin in leading

As far as the reports from the audience are concerned, the battle of survival is between Sherin and Cheran. When TRPs are taken into consideration, Cheran future in the house of Big Boss Tamil is good. It is also crucial to note that Sherin has been a little away from the task performance in the show as well.

Sherin has two people in the house who will come to her aid, Vanitha, and Tharshan. Moreover, Sakshi also came up with the revelation that Sherin and Tharshan’s relationship saga has been quite positive from the perspective of the audience.

Who will go home this week?

The present status of the person who will go home is unknown. Nevertheless, the entry of Sakshi and the Kavin fury against Vanitha has made Kavin into a hero as the weekend approaches.

Some of the audience believe that Kavin is a genuine person, whereas others believe that he is fake. The audience is currently tired of the drama between Losliya and Kavin. The experts are suggesting that this week’s voting in Bigg Boss Tamil will be exciting.

The presumed vote count of Ninth Elimination in Bigg Boss Season 3

  • Sherin – 151312 Votes
  • Cheran – 160911 Votes
  • Losliya – 175267 Votes
  • Mugen – 189252 Votes
  • Kavin – 202326 Votes
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  1. Kavin he is very jenune person of the house and Cheran,sharin, and vanitha complety fack peoples Kamal sir also showing saft corner to Cheran he just playing that’s it he want to win the but big boss needs not only winning sperit, he is not that jenune person he is an opportunist thats it ,if that person wins this season then Thamil big boss show it’s a fack show

  2. Will you like to have in your family vanitha like person after seeing her Hitler like attitude in the Bigboss. Each and every matter she pokes her nose whether her involvement is there are not. Is this the way the show teaches to people to behave in a group.

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