Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results of 27 Sep: Losliya gains massive share of Kavin Votes, and Sandy and Tharshan trailing

Bigg Boss Tamil successfully completes the 96th day of its run. The most special thing about this weekend is that the elimination in Bigg Boss Tamil will take place for the very last time. Furthermore, Mugen has acquired the golden ticket for Bigg Boss’ finale and he is safe from the eliminations which would take place this week.

By the looks of it, Kavin, Losliya, Tharshan, Sandy & Sherin have been nominated for elimination this week.

Take a peek at what the polling suggests about who is safe in this week.

  • Sherin – 58,450 Votes
  • Kavin – 59,783 Votes
  • Tharshan – 61,670 Votes
  • Sandy – 62,470 Votes
  • Losliya – 78,581 Votes


The poll results are going to shock the audience to the core of their soul. In addition to this, there is one more thing that the audience is not able to digest is that Kavin is gaining most of their support. The fan base of Kavin in the house is increasing in the due course of time and it doesn’t seem to come down.

On the other hand, the top most contestants such as Tharshan and Sandy are currently struggling for surviving the game. Kavin’s popularity would even benefit Losliya if she becomes safe during the weekend’s elimination episode.

What would happen if Kavin walks out of the game?

The support that Kavin is getting from the audience would immediately direct towards Losliya if he decides to walk from the house of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3. Nevertheless, it would also be very interesting to see who else would also benefit if Kavin walks out of the house willing.

It is very important to note that the gap between the contestants is very much minimal. So, who would win the third season of Bigg Boss Tamil? Only nine days would reveal all the answers.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan is a content writer & social media specialist by day; a storyteller & a freelance writer by night. As a self-proclaimed prodigy in writing, he believes that language is borderless, and writing gives a person the absolute power to create and destroy things. Anyone can write as long as they have a strong narrative capability and the ability to emote feelings into words.

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