Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online: Kavin, Losliya, Sandy, Sherin, and Tharshan Nominated In This Week Eliminations

As we all know, on Sunday, Cheran was eliminated from the house. And today, the nomination process to select contestants for this week’s elimination has taken place. Read the article completely to know how to vote for your favorite contestant.

Today Bigg Boss has conducted a task to nominate contestants for elimination this week. After the process is done, Bigg Boss declared that Kavin, Losliya, Sandy, Sherin, and Tharshan got nominated for eliminations this week.

How To Vote For Your Favourite Contestant?

So as mentioned above, Kavin, Losliya, Sandy, Sherin, and Tharshan are nominated for elimination this week in Bigg Boss Tamil.

One of the housemates will have to bid a farewell to the big boss house this week. Now, who will be that contestant totally depends upon the total number of votes secured by each contestant. Therefore, if you want to save your favorite contestant, then don’t forget to vote for them.

There are two ways through which you can cast your precious vote. The first way is to vote through the Hotstar app and the second way is by giving a missed call on the number assigned to each contestant. We have given below the steps to cast your vote through both of the above-mentioned ways.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Through Hotstar App

  • Download the Hotstar app on your phone.
  • Login into the app using your mobile number, email id or through your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Banner. If you are not able to see the banner, then search it in the search box by typing Bigg Boss Tamil 3.
  • Then you will find the ‘Vote’ option.
  • Find the contestants who are in the nomination zone for eviction.
  • Tap on your favorite contestant to vote for them.

Bigg Boss Tamil Sep 23 Nominated Contestants

Please note that you can vote a maximum 50 times up to midnight and you can even vote for more than one contestant.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting By Giving A Missed Call

Every contestant is assigned one number. To vote, you have to give a missed call at your contestant’s number. Please note that a maximum of 10 missed calls can be made from one phone number in a week.
The numbers allotted to each contestant are as follows:-

Losliya: 836 7796 805
Kavin: 836 7796 804
Tharshan: 836 7796 814
Sandy: 836 7796 811
Sherin Shringar: 836 7796 813

So folks, if you want your favorite contestant to become the winner this week, then what are you waiting for? Just hurry up and cast your vote for them by any of the above-mentioned ways!!

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