Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote online | Its time for Audience to Vote and Save your favourite contestant

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote: Bigg Boss Season 3 is on its 11th week and next elimination is on its verge. Among the contestants on the danger zone, there is Kevin who is immensely popular among the Bigg Boss ‘cult’. #VoteforKevin is trending all over social media for getting Kevin in the safe zone.

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote online | Its time for Audience to Vote and Save your favourite contestant

On week 11 Lousliya and Kavin got 3 votes while Mugan, Cheran and Sherin got 2 votes. Vanitha’s questions to the other inmates where the highlight of this show. As Kavin got emotional by saying he is okay to get eliminated, Vanitha asked him whether he would have said so if Sakshi wasn’t eliminated.

This time the house was all set for open door nomination. It was expected from the contestants to nominate openly and share the reason for their choice too. They aren’t allowed to nominate themselves. Vanitha being the team captain cannot be nominated for elimination. Here are the choices of the contestants.

  • Vanitha- Kavin and Losliya
  • Kavin- Cheran and Sherin
  • Sandy- Kavin and Losliya
  • Cheran- Kavin and Mugen
  • Losliya- Mugen and Sherin
  • Mugen- Cheran and Kavin
  • Tharshan- Kavin and Losliya
  • Sherin- Kavin and Cheran

Steps to Save your Favourite Contestant.

  1. Download the HotStar App from the play store.
  2. Log in to the app using your Mail id, phone number or Social Media Account.
  3. Find the “Bigg Boss 3: Tamil” Banner in it or search for the same.
  4. Click on the Vote button.
  5. Cast your votes for the contestants who you would like not to be eliminated from the list.
  6. You will get a total of 50 votes per day until Saturday midnight. You can choose to cast all the votes to one person or divide it among several contestants of your choice.

Another way to Cast your Vote

Each contestant is allotted with a phone number. Viewers can cast their votes by giving a miss call to the numbers of their choice. You are allowed to call 10 times from a number a week.

Sherin Shringar- 8367796813

Mugen Rao- 8367796808

Kavin Raj- 836 7796 804

Cheran- 836 7796 802

Losliya- 836 7796 805



  1. Bringing vanitha in to the house is heights of idiosity. For every word she picks up a fight and damages all the contestants. Everything was fine when she went out. Now the show looks like a waterpipe fight. It’s disgusting to watch.

  2. Kavin is destined for this crown but not losliya. Even though I’m a srilankan I support Kavin let Los lit a get out and having will be back to normal. And let vanitha get lost kick her but off. She doesn’t deserve to be here, she didn’t come to play the game she came to create create fight between others and destroy people’s friendship. Vanitha sucks at every thing.

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