Bigg Boss Tamil Vote: Cheran in an Unusual Rage| New Promo Confusing Audience

This week promo video is featuring Cheran’s claim to be number one of the show Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3. He even self proclaim himself worthy to win in this Season. This narcissistic behavior is surprising not only the inmates but the audience as well.
This comment only leads to an eruption of laughter in the house. But how this comment will affect his future. Will the audience accept his self-claim reasonable is yet to see. He is trying to provoke other members saying the show had won always by youngsters. While his re-entry to the show was only due to audience support. It was Kevin who found it very amusing among the others.
He replaced the picture of Mugen with his own, from the board. It was Mugen on the first place on the board whom Cheran replaced to the 4th position. None of the inmates should do this. This was an unexpected sight to see. It is not clear whether all this is a part of some kind of game. It seems like he is purposely insulting all of them. This is not something Cheran would do.
Cheran’s confidence in his audience support is leaking from all his actions. He is claiming himself as the most knowledgeable one and also experienced. His age is proof of his knowledge. More than this questionable claims, his insulting behavior is more concerning saying others hardly has any knowledge or experience.
Let us know your opinion on this. Is Ceran doing the right thing? Feel free to disagree to anything in this article.

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