Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote: Cast your vote to save Danger Zone Contestants

It is no surprise for anyone that Kasturi Shankar who entered by wild card has bagged the maximum votes for expulsion by the airing of the last episode which was on Monday, 19 August. Charan, Sandy and Tharshan are also lingering around the danger zone by the week 9 of the Kamal Hassan hosted show Bigg Boss Tamil season 3.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote:

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote: Cast your vote to save Danger Zone Contestants

In the total 9 inmates, six of them voted against Kasturi. All the men but Cheran want her to be out of the show. Meanwhile, Cheran got a total of five votes. Even Losliya voted against him. The reason is surprisingly unknown. She had mended the issues with him on the last episode and shares a father-daughter bond. The issues were solved on the episode aired on August 18.

Sandy is selected for eviction for the first time in these 9 weeks of the Season 3 runtime of the show with 3 votes. Tharshan got two votes against him. Kevin and Mugen got one vote each which is a rat’s hair escape from the danger zone.

Vanitha who entered only last week as a wild card entrant was asked to be excluded from the naming of contestants for exclusion.

Here is how the contestants cast their votes:

  • Vanitha: Sandy and Tharshan
  • Kasturi: Kavin and Sandy
  • Kavin: Cheran and Kasturi
  • Mugen: Cheran and Kasturi
  • Cheran: Sandy and Tharshan
  • Losliya: Kasturi and Cheran
  • Sherin: Mugen and Kasturi
  • Tharshan: Kasturi and Cheran
  • Sandy: Cheran and Kasturi

Steps to Save your Favourite Contestant.

  1. Download the HotStar App from the play store.
  2. Log in to the app using your Mail id, phone number or Social Media Account.
  3. Find the “Bigg Boss 3: Tamil” Banner in it or search for the same.
  4. Click on the Vote button.
  5. Cast your votes for the contestants who you would like not to be eliminated from the list.
  6. You will get a total of 50 votes per day until Saturday midnight. You can choose to cast all the votes to one person or divide it among several contestants of your choice.

Another way to Cast your Vote

Each contestant is allotted with a phone number. Viewers can cast their votes by giving a miss call to the numbers of their choice. You are allowed to call 10 times from a number a week.

  • CHERAN: 8367796802
  • SANDY: 8367796811
  • KASTURI: 836 7796 817
  • THARSHAN: 8367796814

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