Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Audition and Registration | Here’s How To Apply Online

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular television reality shows. It has been very popular since its first season. Because of its insane popularity, the show was introduced in seven different regional languages so that it reaches more people in India.

All the participants in the show have to fight against each other in some challenges and whoever survives till the end wins the Bigg Boss title. For the twist, this time the show will have some Tamil celebrities and commoners with them as well. They have to register and audition. After auditions contestants will be chosen based on different rounds and processes.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Audition and Registration | Here's How To Apply Online

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Host

Season 1 of Bigg Boss Tamil was hosted by ‘Kamal Hassan’. It was the first time that such a big star was hosting a reality show. Ever since then all the seasons of Bigg Boss have been hosted by him.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Online Audition and Registration

Here are all the things that you need to know for registering yourself for the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 auditions.

The registrations for Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 will start few months before the premiere of the show. The management team of the show will then analyze and screen all the 3 minutes audition videos.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The contestant must have citizenship proof of India.
  • The participant has to be of 18 years of age with no criminal records.
  • The contestant must hold a health certificate stating that he/she is mentally and physically fine.
  • The contestant must know the Tamil language.

Registration Process

  • Visit the official VOOT website or download the app from the play store.
  • Look for the Bigg Boss registration forms and fill the form carefully.
  • Upload a 3-minute audition video. Make sure that the size of the video is less than 50 MB.
  • Read the policies, terms, and conditions, and once done click on the ‘I Agree’ button.
  • Check all the details and submit your form.
  • If you get selected you will be contacted by the Bigg Boss Tamil teams for further process.

The video is the most important thing for selection. Make sure that you give your best making the video. Introduce yourself such that the team finds you interesting enough to be on the show.

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