Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination Voting News: Will Kasthuri Be Eliminated This Week?

Bigg Boss is a reality show, and if you go by the history of the show you will find that only the entertaining contestants are able to survive for long in the house.

This place is not for introverts, and one thing is for sure Kasthuri is not able to gel in the house. She is the least active member of the house. Her introvert nature isn’t helping the cause either.

Will Kasthuri be eliminated this week?

If media reports are to be believed, Kasthuri is the most likely candidate to get evicted in this week’s elimination.

She has the least number of connections in the house. The house will be the least affected by her elimination. She has no visible connection in the house.

Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination Voting News: Will Kasthuri Be Eliminated This Week?

Nominated house guests for the eight week.

Four contestants are facing the threat of being elimination this week. Cheran, Kasthuri, Tharshan, and Sandy are nominated for eliminations this week.

Kasthuri was the one who was nominated by a maximum number of people, looking at her track record in this house this was pretty much expected. She bagged 6 votes. Cheran closely followed Kasthuri with 5 votes to his name. Tharshan, and Sandy are also a part of this list with 3, and 2 votes respectively.

The current tally of votes count as per media reports.

Sandy is topping the list with 66893 votes. This was expected given the fact that he is a member of the boy’s gang which is getting popular inside the house. Following Sandy is Tharshan with 66134 votes, there is a marginal difference between the top two.

Cheran is at the third position as per the current standings with 64725 votes.

Kasthuri the possible evicted contestant for the week.

Kasthuri is at the last position with 44236 votes. Her chances of making it to the next week are quite thin. The votes difference between the top three, and her is quite big, and it will take her some amount of doing to cover the margin.

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